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From the trusted manufacturers of Excalibur, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, Hoyo de Monterrey and JR Ultimate, Consuegra cigars are made in Honduras for dedicated smokers who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a quality product. While these unique handmade cigars are segundos and production overruns, they still pack a delicious medium-full taste and a superior quality that is rare among cigar seconds. Consuegra cigars are made in Honduras with true, fresh Honduran wrappers and binders for a mellow smoke. Furthermore, are packed with Dominican/Honduran/Nicaraguan fillers to ensure a first-rate experience.

Available in Maduro and EMS options, purchase your Consuegra cigars in bundles of 25 segundos or singles when you shop online with JR Cigars.
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