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A true classic premium handmade cigar, the affordable Baccarat cigars are well- known for its flagship line’s sweet gum cap that has engaged the palates of veteran cigar smokers for decades. All rich, smooth, and high in quality while affordable in price, each Baccarat cigar line is crafted with care for fans of various strength premium cigars while offer differing characteristics and flavor profiles.

Whether it’s that trademark sweetness or the subtler but no less satisfying recipe like the famous Repeater cigars- a mixed filler blend of choice tobaccos that sells for about $2 a cigar- you are in for a very satisfying smoke at a price that you can love.

Are you looking for a little more kick from your stick? Then Baccarat Nicaragua has you covered. A long-awaited line extension to its enormously popular Honduran counterpart, Baccarat Nicaragua cigars are a line of Habano wrapped beauties that feature a Sumatra binder and a core of perfectly aged Nicaraguan long fillers. Medium in body, Baccarat Nicaragua cigars coat the palate with rich flavors of leather, toast, cedar, sweet spice, and wood.

Baccarat’s latest achievement was creating the company’s very first Barber Pole style cigar. What makes a barber pole a real treat for cigar connoisseurs is its intricate taste, because once lit, both the dark and light leaves release their own distinct flavors at the same time.

In the case of Baccarat Barber Pole cigars, the dual wrappers consist of a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper expertly intertwined with a lighter Connecticut Shade leaf. Underneath this striking dual crown, is the finest aged Honduran long filler tobacco, held together by a tasty Mexican binder. This all amounts to one of the most complex and captivating blends that Baccarat has ever produced.

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