By offering the perfect balance between strength and flavor, medium bodied cigars are the most versatile out there, because they can be thoroughly enjoyed by smokers of all experience levels.Handmade premium cigars such as Romeo y Julieta, Gispert, Oliva Serie O, Partagas, Montecristo White Series, and many, many more, pack more than enough flavor to be enjoyed with that first cup of morning coffee, up until the last enjoyable indulgence of the evening. With many of today’s newer smokers raised on the belief that “stronger cigars are always better” taking the time to discover some medium bodied blends, will have them quickly dispelling that myth. By starting with a single, an affordable 5-pack, or a box , that’s available in our huge fully humidified warehouse, there’s a very good chance that your new favorite cigar, or cigars, will be medium bodied in strength. And, you’ll be glad that you discovered them right here at JR Cigar, for the best prices on the web!
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