4.509803921568627 51
Toro The white series is my go to cigar. Very smooth with consistent burn throughout the entire cigar. 5 5 1
Toro By far the best cigar you can order! Smooth, perfect draw. Will burn for 10 minutes without a draw. Love them for when I trap shoot. A great way to end each day. Not a cigar for cutting the lawn. This cigar separates the men from the boys. Can be expensive but worth it. Life is to short to smoke cheap cigars! 5 5 1
Toro Outstanding cigar. Great flavor, perfect burn, outstanding draw. If you buy one you will buy more! 5 5 1
Toro These cigars are sone of the best to me made...when I go in a store to buy or just grab a cigar to smoke with my friends these, it’s almost always a “white series” They have an easy draw, taste fantastic, and can count on them for consistency. There are lots of choices in my hometown cigar store, but this one is my “Go To” cigar for fellowship and enjoyment I compare these to the many Cuban made I smoke every day and feel they are as well liked as one much more expensive I like the 5X50 the best But these work when I have more time to enjoy.. M Jones 5 5 1
Toro Great Cigar, one of my favorites 5 5 1
Toro Excellent cigar 5 5 1
Toro Flavor of my favorite single malt scotch and Toro will make your afternoon well worth the wait. I preferred a Cohiba, but this Toro has made me a true fan of “Rest and Relaxation”. It just doesn’t get any better than that! 5 5 1
Toro I purchase and smoke the monty white toro regularly and have been satisfied with product, disappointed with price increase. 4 5 1
Toro Easy relaxing smoke 5 5 1
Toro Don’t know what happened to JRCIGARS. Bad customer service. I am buying from this company for past several years and I was a loyal costumer. For past couple of months I left several messages and wrote few times and nobody cared to reply. No one answer the phone and whatever I won on Aucoin shows purchased and I think only they sale leftovers. 1 5 1
Toro This Toro cigar is very firm and draws slightly hard but burns and smokes good. Cutting is best done with a double blade cutter as the end is very hard making use of a bullet cutter more difficult but possible. A firm hand is needed if using the bullet cutter. 4 5 1
Toro great cigar 5 5 1
Toro I just received the cigars but had them before and they were good 5 5 1
Toro This is an awesome cigar. I've seen 1st timers fall in love with cigars from the experience of this stick! 5 5 1
Toro Great value, smooth, good taste. Holds taste deep into the cigar w/o bitterness. Really enjoyed this cigar and will order more. 4 5 1
Toro Love these, they are expensive but I have one at the end of every day with a nice bourbon. 5 5 1
Toro Great smoke 5 5 1
Toro Usually one of my favorites but these arrived dry and brittle & smoked unevenly. They were part of a special with Macanudos, 1988 #3, which also arrived dry and brittle. 4 5 1
Toro my favorite smoke 5 5 1
Toro The Montecristo white series delivers 5 5 1
Toro Great cigar! 5 5 1
Toro First time I tried this particular cigar and really liked it. Nice draw with plenty of smoke output. 4 5 1
Toro Order received as scheduled but were dry and brittle. Part of a special with Macanudos & both were in the same disappointing condition. 1 5 1
Toro This cigar has become one of my regular purchases. It's a perfect cigar for me.g 5 5 1
Toro Very nice good smoke. 5 5 1
Toro Good smoke 5 5 1
Toro very good 5 5 1
Toro Very Good Cigar 5 5 1
Toro Love these. creamy and smooth 5 5 1
Toro A very fine cigar !! 5 5 1
Toro Fantastic cigar I love it 4 5 1
Toro Construction is good, flavor ok creamy nutty, not what I thought it would be for a medium strength cigar. 3 5 1
Toro Great mild and mellow cigar 5 5 1
Toro The smoothest and best tasting cigar I’ve ever smoked for the price point, comparable to the Davidoff Grand Cru number 2. 5 5 1
Toro Very mild medium flavored. 4 5 1
Toro Just started but I enjoy them 3 5 1
Toro C 5 5 1
Toro I got a few duds in my order. They draw poorly and taste bad about halfway through. I usually like them a lot, but not this time. 2 5 1
Toro Really liked this cigar. Prefer something a little smaller but nice cigar with great flavor. 5 5 1
Toro Very good cigar( I like ) 5 5 1
Toro I felt the draw was to tight 3 5 1
Toro Excellent smoke 5 5 1
Toro Great smoke 5 5 1
Toro It’s a Montecristo what more can you say 5 5 1
Toro One of the best cigars I have ever had. Great draw and cool no bite through the whole cigar. 5 5 1
Toro Nice even burn down to the end 5 5 1
Toro The Monty White is an excellent cigar as a smoking mate or contrast to the heavier Partagas Black Magnifico i love. Both models are full and flavorful smokes. 5 5 1
Toro Monte Whites are always expertly constructed with a perfect draw. The Toro is a little stronger than I like. 4 5 1
Toro Good mild smoke 5 5 1
Toro Best gift anyone could give to someone who enjoys cigars 5 5 1
Toro great 5 5 1

Montecristo White Series

Toro 6 × 54 MXWT5

The Montecristo White Toro is a popular size and an excellent choice for fans of the original Montecristo cigars looking for a new and exciting blend. A Nicaraguan binder and a blend of Dominican & Nicaraguan long-fillers wrapped around a lush Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper makes this cigar a worthy, must try addition to this legendary brand. Available in packs of 5.
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Ecuador Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic