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In 1972 when Cuban-born cigar maker Ernesto Carrillo first launched his now famous La Gloria Cubana brand in his small El Credito factory in Miami, he really had no idea of the great things to come. His sole intent was to make a top-notch line of Cuban style cigars to satisfy the needs of his local clientele. By the early 1990s, and largely impart to rave reviews by Cigar Afficionado, La Gloria Cubana quickly grew into a wildly popular national brand causing Ernesto to move his production to the Dominican Republic in order to meet the overwhelming demand. Still standing among the best of the best, today’s La Gloria Cubana cigars are also produced in Nicaragua where the award La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli cigars were born. These stunning Nicaraguan puros, a first of its kind, are available in both gorgeous EMS and dark Maduro wrappers. All crafted by highly skilled level 10 master rollers using the finest aged tobaccos, and grade “A” wrappers in various shades, every La Gloria Cubana cigar that you choose, provides a luxury-class smoking experience that will keep you coming back for more!

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