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Nicaraguan Overruns
Connecticut 60

Connecticut 60, , large


Reginald L.


These are NOT medium-full. They are disgusting cigars that should not be mis-represented by anyone. Please be sure to post this so others are NOT mis-lead to believe something that is a blatant lie. Reviews have been posted - so start putting them out there!

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Cigar Samplers
Best Of JR Alternatives Collection 2

Best Of JR Alternatives Collection 2, , large

Not a good sampler

Tom F.


I have tried many of the other alternatives and sample packs and thought they were a good deal. This one however is not one of them. They must have been stored incorrectly wrappers were cracked bad draw poor flavor.

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Buena Vista

Robusto, , large




By far one of the worst cigars I have ever purchased from JR'S.

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La Finca
Ammo Box - 91 Count

Ammo Box - 91  Count

First review?



Last time I looked at these reviews, there were alot of comments regarding change of quality. I ordered a box because my dads been smoking them for many years. Well, that box was awful. Completely falling apart. Very disappointed because he loved them!! Now we have to search for something else for him...

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No. 3

No. 3, , large

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Best monte!

Jeremy H.


Best monte in their vast line! It has great construction and the perfect size! Burns evenly and great smoke output. The Cuban is better but this is almost as good!

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Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary Fumas
Toro Maduro

Toro Maduro, , large

Love 'em!

Mark M.


I loved these! I was hesitant to buy them because of the reviews but curious nonetheless. I have purchased many Rocky Patel fumas and have always been at least satisfied with them. They tasted just like I thought they would. Others had issues with the short filler. I used a double bladed cross cutter and never had tobacco bits in my mouth. The ash was long and razor sharp. I never had to relight it. I have only smoked one so far so maybe I just got a good one! I would recommend these but I would also recommend waiting for a sale. I rate based on expectations. I gave this 5 stars but obviously it's a fuma and not a premium cigar.

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Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 Fumas

Toro, , large

I am very surprised the Patel name is on these. These are the worst tasting and drawing cigars I have smoked in along time. Poor draw. Consistently canoeing. Don't buy



Very bad

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Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 Fumas

Toro, , large

don't buy

Alan R.


terrible cigar bad tasting. sour. don't buy. I never will again

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Arturo Fuente Hemingway
Short Story

Short Story, , large

Arturo is always a winner!



Fuente is one of the first cigars I ever smoked....I love this shape...the first time I smoked one it put me on the couch..since then I have more tolerance..very spicy with hints of leather..billows of white smoke..try it!

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Buena Vista

Sublimes, , large

Short Filled Sponge

Anthony H.


I can't believe the 10 cigars I received in this beatifully boxed and packaged order are the same cigars everyone here is reviewing. I also can't believe this is the same professionally wrapped cigar I smoked 2 months ago and loved. The cigars I received are so softly wrapped that they are spongy and the short filler tobacco falls out of the cap...even when I use a punch. Disappointed very disappointed.

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Casa de Puros

Toro, , large

No Diamond in the Rough



You get what you pay for: a harsh taste a wrapper that is thin and has a tendency to crack canoeing with some cigars uneven burn and uneven draw. If you are looking for a cheap cigar with unfortunately a cheap taste this baby is for you. Otherwise avoid this one.

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Cigar Humidors
Old World

Old World, , large

Great humidor

Darrell C.


Really well made humidor. After seasoning it seals well and holds humidity at 72. I also use 2 humidity sticks as well as what it came with. Looks great too. I would recommend.

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