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Here at Santa Clara Cigars we have the very largest selection of wholesale domestic pipe tobaccos in the country, all sold for the best prices on the web. Although the cheapest option, domestic pipe tobaccos are made with the same top-quality tobaccos as the costlier imported brands. This is why brands such as Prince Albert, Half and Half, Sir Walter Raleigh, Granger, Velvet and more, along with America’s number one top selling aromatic blend-Captain Black, have remained an enormously popular choice among pipe smokers for many generations. Furthermore, to create a highly profitable line of your own house blends we sell the most popular 5lb bag offerings in assortment of rich, tantalizing flavors to bulk pipe tobacco wholesalers across the country. Take a close look at our impressive selection of domestic pipe tobaccos and we bet you’ll find exactly what you and your pipe smoking customers are looking for!

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