3.2222222222222223 9
Menthol Gambler Gold was delivered not what I ordered Gambler menthol 1 5 1
Menthol Excellemt 5 5 1
Menthol I personally don't care for The Gambler pipe tobacco shredded to finely it doesn't want to hit right in a cigarette or pipe I like the arrowhead the way it's cut it it rolls perfectly smoked perfectly out of a pipe 2 5 1
Menthol I really didn’t want to give a star it’s horrible taste I regret buying this brand of Tabacco 1 5 1
Menthol Easy switch from going from Marlboro menthol to roll-your-own with ease 3 5 1
Menthol I got more tobacco than I do when I buy it at the store 5 5 1
Menthol I like the gambler tobacco. 5 5 1
Menthol Menthol pipe tobacco is great. What a nice change of pace. It’s bracing and fine for a real taste of something different. Many people have smelled it and wanted to try it then bought their own, that says quite a bit. 5 5 1
Menthol cheyenne vs gambler 2 5 1


Menthol 11GM16

Fill your pipe with Gambler Menthol for some refreshing, icy goodness! This 16 oz bag is flavorful, plentiful and budget friendly. Gambler is a popular choice for those who smoke all day.
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16 OZ Bag

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