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Cigar Samplers are a great way for both novice and experienced aficionados to expand their palates with new blends at an affordable price. If you have never tried a particular cigar blend before, it can be a risky investment buying a full box of cigars. If they are not fit for your palate, you would be stuck with a humidor full of a bunch of cigars you do not like and an empty wallet.

Rather than take the risk with a pricey box of cigars, you can try several cigars at a time with a Cigar Sampler. A Cigar Sampler is an assortment of anywhere between 3, 10, 20, or even more than 50 cigars of different brands, blends, and sizes. With so many options on the market today, there are countless combinations and assortments to choose from.

The most basic kind of cigar sampler you can find is akin to a tasting or a flight. Have you ever wondered what the best size of a particular blend is? If so, a sampler such as the Padron Family Reserve Gift Pack or Romeo y Julieta 1875 Tubo Collection would be an excellent choice. Each of these samplers focuses on a specific blend and the most popular sizes of offered, allowing you to discover your favorite vitolas.

More commonly, you will find cigar samplers from a certain brand showing off the array of blends under its umbrella. The biggest and most famous brands on the market all have samplers that demonstrate that brand’s portfolio, including household names like Montecristo, Oliva, Rocky Patel, Romeo y Julieta, Ashton, and several more.

You can choose your cigar samplers based on country of origin, so you get a better taste for the different blending and rolling styles employed by each country. For example, you can get a full range of flavors from the Dominican Master Sampler, with each cigar in the assortment made at the legendary Tabacalera de Garcia in the Dominican Republic.

You can also find cigar samplers based on the strength of the cigars in the assortment, so if you are a newcomer into the cigar hobby you can enjoy a smorgasbord of delicious mellow or mellow-medium bodied cigars. Those with seasoned palates can enjoy a smattering of full-bodied cigars to discover new blends and flavor profiles.

You can even build your own 10-pack cigar sampler at JR’s Build Your Own Sampler page! You can mix and match two 5-packs of cigars from some of the most popular brands and blends on the market today, giving you an extra degree of freedom when creating your ideal cigar sampler.

With so many options, it can be intimidating to find the right cigar sampler for you, so we created these handy sampler buying guides to help you find your perfect cigar sampler. In any case, you will enjoy some big-time savings by adding a cigar sampler to your humidor than trying a bunch of different boxes. Get your Cigar Sampler delivered directly to your home by ordering them online right here at JR Cigar!

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