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A good cigar humidor is an essential accessory for any smoker looking to keep their premium cigars perfectly fresh and ready to smoke. It’s imperative that you find a top-quality unit to protect your valuable investment. Here at JR Cigar we pride ourselves in carrying a huge selection of unique cigar humidors for sale from such prestigious manufacturers as Ashton, Prestige, Lamborghini, Visol, and more. Furthermore, to accent any cigar den, home, or office environment, our large inventory of vintage and modern cigar humidors features stunning premium materials like oak and rosewood, mahogany, decorative motifs, transparent glass tops, and crystal-clear acrylic. In addition, we also carry a wide variety of big and small travel humidors for camping, fishing, weekend getaways, and whatever indoor or outdoor activities that you choose, all built to withstand the roughest of conditions. Investing in a reliable humidor for cigars should always be a top priority, and at JR Cigar we have the perfect humidor to fit your lifestyle, collection size, taste, and budget, all sold for the best prices on the web.

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