3.4375 16
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Good 5 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry I got one of these for $5 with a cigar pack and I bought another one for $16 so I could try my hand at infusing some cigars. It is well made however, the humidifier is an awkward shape and size. If you have cigars that are longer than 5 inches you won't be able to fit 20 due to the humidifier taking up space for about 3 of them. Placing the humidifier onto the glass obscures the view and also does not allow the lid to close all the way. I have some coffee oil that I rubbed into one of the boxes. The seal is so nice, a friend told me that he could not smell a hint of coffee when it was closed. The box without the oil has a very pleasant cherry wood smell. I think it is worth it even at the $16 price. 4 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry The humidor is advertised to include a built in hygrometer. It does not. Otherwise it's a nice little humidor. 3 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry This box looks nice but that is about where it ends. It is not effective at keeping my cigars properly humid despite following instructions to the letter. The hygrometer doesn't appear to do much of anything so once the interior wood dries out so does everything else inside. I suspect that maybe the lid does not seal properly. What's odd is that there are little spots of mold growing around the outside desspite the fact that the box is almost always dry. 1 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Received this humidor as part of a promo buy a box of Montecristio Anejados and get an ashtray -lighter , and humidor valued at $ 49.95 . The ashtray was very nice haven't opened the lighter , the $ 49.95 humidor turned into a $ 16.95 humidor which is $33.00 cheaper than what I was told ,the $ 16.95 humidor advertises that it has a hydrometer included and it shows a humidifier in the picture of it . JR shouldn't state that the humidor is $ 49.95 if they are going to send you a $ 16.95 humidor, they could have at least sent a 5pk. of decent cigars to make up the difference . This no way to keep customers . 1 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Your customer service and ability to change an order really sucks. When I tried to ship this to a business I own in another state in care of a friend you insisted that he provide certification of his age which is silly for a wood box. I then tried to have it changed to my name which your system apparently cannot do...pathetic. I canceled the order and simply reordered from a competitor which is where I will be doing all my shopping in the future 1 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Listen folks it does the job. It holds cigars and looks pretty good. Construction was a pleasant surprise. For a $15 buck get a decent humidifier and it’s still a bargain. If you want a first quality Humidor spend the dough. 4 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry It’s all right 3 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry I cannot keep the humidity levels up on it. 2 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Good basic humidor , use with boveda pack and digital hydrometer. Solid and looks nice , can’t go wrong with the price and holds 20-25 cigars . 4 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Great starter humidor. Maintains humidity pretty well and is very appealing on a desk. 4 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Simple construction, feels solid and relatively airtight. 5 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry N/A 5 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Got this for my office . Cant beat the deal. Looks really nice and will hold 20 7" sticks 4 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry I love this Humidor..I'm a beginner smoker and this is perfect for me! Looks food sitting on my cabinet! 5 5 1
Chateau Glass Top Cherry Good for the price 4 5 1

Prestige Cigar Humidors

Chateau Glass Top Cherry 3HCHGTC

With its beautiful high-polished Cherrywood finish, the Prestige Chateau Glass Top Cherry Humidor looks simply stunning in any environment. The glass top clearly displays up to 20 of your favorite premium handmade cigars. The aromatic Spanish cedar lining promotes further aging while enhancing the flavor of your smokes, and a solid airtight seal. Showcase your valuable cigar investment with the elegant Chateau Glass Top Humidor. 

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