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The history of CAO was originally launched in 1993 by Cano Ozgener, who started the company by selling some of the world’s best, rarest, and most sought-after meerschaum tobacco pipes. Cano expanded his operation to include premium cigars under the CAO label to accompany his pipes. Then in 2010, his premium cigar operation was purchased by General Cigar, the makers of such notable brands as Macanudo, Partagas, Punch, and La Gloria Cubana, just to name a few.

Today under the leadership of General Cigar, CAO has established themselves as one of the world’s most innovative cigar brands. The company scours the globe to find the rarest and best premium tobacco from Italy Africa, Peru, Columbia, the Amazon Rainforest, and more, to create exceptional blends not found on any other premium cigar. The Amazon Basin, Columbia, Brazilia and Italia lines are fine examples of the rare and exquisite tobaccos used on many CAO blends.

CAO’s groundbreaking portfolio also includes includes more conventional but premium cigars such as the CAO Gold, Heritage Reserve, Maduro and Nicaragua lines that have all been met with overwhelming approval from the cigar smoking community. Accompanying this star studded stable of award-winning blends is the mouthwatering CAO Flavours series that includes Moontrance, CherryBomb, Eileen’s Dream, Bella Vanilla, and Earth Nectar. All made using a selection of top-quality tobacco infused with exotically delicious flavorings , the entire CAO Flavours line is a dream come true for fans of flavor infused cigars.

Each one of CAO’s unique creations ensures a distinctly delicious smoking experience steeped in old world tradition with a modern and enticing edge.

Here at JR Cigar, we carry the full line of CAO Cigars available in a staggering array of sizes, blends, and strength profiles, to accommodate every style of smoker, proven by our 4/5 average customer rating.

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