4.703703703703703 27
V770 Big Block Very enjoyable. Smooth and long draw. Burns even. Gets peppery towards the end. Would recommend for a day out by a fire. If you're not used to a 70 ring it may take some time to get used to. 550 has the same benefits of its big brother. 4 5 1
V770 Big Block This a large cigar that some may find too large for their preference. But I have to say this is one of the best cigars I have had and I have been smoking good handmade cigars for quite some time. The strength is medium to full throughout the cigar with the exception that it leans a little near full strength at the end which is okay because it should be that way with such a large size cigar. The construction is flawless and the draw and burn are excellent. To get the most out of the smoke I would recommend using nothing less than an 11mm punch and take a little extra time toasting the foot. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block I have probably purchased 25 boxes of these over the past two years. I can honestly say that I've never had a bad cigar. Always a good draw, burns evenly and for golfers this is a 9 hole cigar. The other advantage is due to it's rectangular shape it's a great wind cigar. You can lay it down on the cart fender and it does not roll with the wind. Sounds weird but you'll get it if you golf. This review is consistent across the entire line including the 660s and the 550s. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block One of the best cigars you can buy. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block My favorite cigar out there! Great tasting full bodied cigar! 5 5 1
V770 Big Block Nice flavor throughout. Nice even burn. Reallt like this stick when out on the motorcycle. Ash hold together nicely as I rode. Back road and highway approved. No tongue burn or flaking at all. When I got home no ash or burn marks on clothing. Same applies to 660 as well. Saddle up...this one's good for the road 4 5 1
V770 Big Block Great cigars. Smoke evenly. Good taste 5 5 1
V770 Big Block This cigar is full of flavor an packs a punch! This stogie should only be smoked if you got the time to relax and chill (this ain't no quickie). One of my all time favorites! 5 5 1
V770 Big Block This is a cigar you make a commitment to. Bold flavor. Great construction. Easy draw. The size requires you to set some time aside and buckle in for a great smoke. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block Nice, smooth smoke. Has become one of my favorite cigars. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block slow nice burn, solid ash, robust full flavor, smooth easy smoke. very nice cigar. ENJOY! 5 5 1
V770 Big Block the cao 770 flat head is my go to every day smoke! the full body flavor is the best. there is never a bad cigar in the box, i get a box every week. i smoke about three to four of these a day! that’s how good they are! 5 5 1
V770 Big Block One of the biggest cigars in my 1400ct Humidor. The packaging is a presentation upon its self. Nothing but horse power in the full flavor and volume of smoke. 4 5 1
V770 Big Block This was hands down, the best cigar I’ve ever smoked. It would be an injustice to call it a stick, it deserves its proper respect. The cigar was robust in flavor, an amazing draw, solid ash and worth every penny. The presentation was one to behold, the packaging was in your face and the overall girth of this cigar stood out immensely. I’m normally a very giving person but when folks asked for one of my 770’s; I immediately handed out my cheaper quality cigars. The 770 cigar will change your life and could be overwhelming for a novice smoker; so proceed with caution. I have already ordered two more boxes and I’ll be ordering more in the future. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block This is a great cigar, and there is a lot of it to enjoy. Very good full flavor, a consistent even draw every time, and the flavor stays consistent throughout the whole cigar. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block I wrote a review before under Havoc52, I don’t know where to begin. This is an outstanding cigar, the draw is amazing, the flavor was legendary and the construction is solid. In total, I’ve ordered 5 boxes, easily and I just placed another order this afternoon. I love this cigar. It’s ROBUST! The size is impressive and the flavor is smoooooooth. I’m a happy camper and I fire up at least 2-3 of these babies daily. The 660 is a cigar for the less adventurous but it’s the little brother to the 770. Go big or go home; the 770 is epic. The only negative thing I can say, a few of the cigars burned unevenly and canoed on me but I still love the 770. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block My daily cigar, I start the day with one and finish my day with one. I love this cigar and I continuously order boxes of it. The king in my eyes, I love this cigar. The entire line of flatheads hasn’t disappointed and I’m a fan. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block Excellent smoke, great service from JR as usual. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block Very nice cigar. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block I had been buying CAO flatheads for years taking advantage of 25 and 30% discounts but the manufacturer has put them on the exclusion list so now I’m paying full price. Where as I would just automatically go to JR now I shop around to your competitors 1 5 1
V770 Big Block I love flathead cigars and I have bought stuff from you for years……But this time I paid for 3 day shipping to get them quick……YOU TOOK 3 DAYS to ship them and I got in 6 days….THATS HORSESHIT , If you pay for 3 day shipping I think you should get them in 3 DAYS . shame on you 5 5 1
V770 Big Block These cigars smoke pretty good. You get your money worth. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block This is a great Cigar, the best and last long 5 5 1
V770 Big Block You have to be a fan of a damn big gauge stick! Not for the faint of heart. It doesn’t just pack flavor…but a huge amount of long lasting 7x70 flavor. You can’t go wrong if your moving up to Big Gauge Game or you just want to watch your poker buddies make some bad calls since they can’t see through all of the smoke around the table! Enjoy 5 5 1
V770 Big Block Everything about this cigar is excellent. I received this in a Jr mystery sampler and couldn't have been happier. Flavor, construction and burn line were all spot on. Just make sure you have a couple of hours to devote to this wonderful behemoth. 5 5 1
V770 Big Block I really enjoyed this. Got slightly more than 2 hours. Earthy, some chocolate. Some baking spices. Had hints on liquorice. Although I am not a liquorice fan other flavors balanced it out. Had burn issues. Not sure if because of size but needed multiple touchups. Loved the box press. 4 5 1
V770 Big Block a good strong cigar 5 5 1

CAO Flathead

V770 Big Block 7 × 70 CV770

This may be one of the biggest box presses you’ll ever find. The Big Block is a 70 ring gauge with vintage Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian tobaccos and an aged broadleaf wrapper. Put the keys in the ignition and hold on because this baby’s got some power to it! Packaged in a box of 24.
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Box Pressed Parejo

Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Habano


Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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