Your valued cigar lighters need the best butane to keep them running efficiently and clog free for many years to come. This is the most important accessory that you must purchase for your lighters , and quality should never be overlooked. The Butane fuel that we carry from Colibri, Lotus, and Xikar, three of the biggest names in the cigar accessory biz, were carefully chosen by us because they are canned in only the cleanest environment possible. This reduces the number of contaminants that cause clogged burner valves, misfires, and malfunctions that can mount up to costly repairs. In addition, Lotus, Colibri, and Xikar Butane uses triple refined 99.9% premium pure butane that is specifically formulated for high-end lighters, but they also work perfectly on any lighter regardless of price. Every brand of butane that we carry features up to five nozzles on the inside of the cap, allowing you to use it on just about any lighter in your possession . When shopping online at JR Cigar for your favorite cigars and cigar accessories, be sure to check it our wide selection of premium butane in various sizes, quantities, and price ranges, and find the ones that best suits your lighting needs.
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