For some misinformed smokers, full bodied cigars are considered just very strong and overbearing without any redeeming qualities other than making you weak in the knees and dizzy. However, quite the opposite is true, because premium full-bodied brands such as Saint Luis Rey Serie G, Padron 1926 Series, Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez, and many more, aren’t just about raw power, they’re actually highly complex, beautifully balanced, and extremely smooth on the palate.

That said, there are a few exceptions to the rule, with stronger cigars like Boneshaker Tombstone, Asylum Straight Jacket, and Camacho Triple Maduro, are specifically geared towards well-seasoned smokers that feel full bodied cigars are never quite full enough. Yet, even top-notch cigars that fall into this high-octane category can accommodate smokers of all experience levels, providing they are enjoyed on a full stomach or after a large meal.

Expertly hand rolled to provide the utmost in cigar smoking satisfaction, full bodied cigars serve their purpose extremely well for experienced aficionados that are looking for peak performance in strength from their handmade pleasures, and all others looking to take taste to its boldest level.

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