4.560975609756097 41
Gordo Last 2 boxes have had a few burn problems, hollow interior. Clean it up and relight. Still a favorite on the beach. The earlier 6 boxes were flawless. 4 5 1
Gordo Bought these as a gift 5 5 1
Gordo Very good burn, 4 5 1
Gordo The best 5 5 1
Gordo Anyting AJ Fernandez 5 5 1
Gordo great cigar...a favorite 5 5 1
Gordo Love everything about this stick 4 5 1
Gordo Great cigar, well constructed. Awesome flavor..smooth draw 5 5 1
Gordo Expensive, but a good taste. It also burns slow, so it's not ideal for a quick smoke. 5 5 1
Gordo This cigar has a nice draw and is well constructed. It looks like a fine cigar until you take a couple of draws.....its a tongue burner...(not a peppery taste like some experts describe it) 3 5 1
Gordo Cigar Review: Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez Gordo (6x58) Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra (oscuro) Binder: San Andrés Filler: Honduras / Nicaragua Origin: Nicaragua Strength: Full APPEARANCE A gorgeous huge box-pressed cigar with a nice oily dark brown (not quite Maduro) wrapper, featuring minimal veins, tight seams, and a quality double-cap. Tobacco fill is solid from head to toe. There's a beautiful off-white band layered with red lettering and gold outline. Especially of note is a long sleeve with the same color scheme which covers most of the cigar body like a tightly, beautiful dress. COLD AROMA / DRAW Wonderful cocoa and cedar scent with a hint of pepper on the noggen. Using a straight-cut, I had a similar profile on the cold draw through a perfect resistance for this big stick. PAIRING - Blend of Folgers Columbian, Boston's Best Hawaiian Coconut, and Bustelo coffee. EXPERIENCE After lighting her up with a Prometheus Triple Torch lighter, I quickly felt the full strength of this stick. Not overwhelming, just very flavorful and meaty. The spice was upfront and person - in a nice way. On the palate I were coffee and cocoa flavors with a nice peppery kick. Wonderful whispy smoke output giving off a lovely cedar scent. Retrohale had some woody cedar and pepper which at first was very spicy, however, simmered down after five minutes. Burn was straight with solid white ash. Whilst smoking I had a phone call that lasted 5 minutes and I didn't touch the cigar. It started to burn uneven on one end but quickly corrected itself after a few minutes - now that's QUALITY!! CONCLUSION This is easily one of my top 10 cigars; perfect for that after-steak meal. Everything about this cigar screamed PERFECTION! It's not surprising, though, when you mix one of the best cigar companies with one of the best cigar blenders. RATING: 1. Appearance and construction (5/5) 2. Flavor (5/5) 3. Smoking characteristics (5/5) 4. Overall experience (5/5) Final Rating: 100 5 5 1
Gordo Fantastic full flavored and full bodied cigar. 5 5 1
Gordo This is one of my top 5 cigars. The draw and flavor are amazing. You'll always find these beauties in my humidor. 5 5 1
Gordo These cigars are some of my very favorites! They have a nice bready taste to them and our smooth burning and tasting. They don't go on sale very often, so you have to be on the lookout for when they do. I haven't had one disappoint me yet and I'm always looking out for the next sale. 5 5 1
Gordo Very smooth draw and great flavor! 5 5 1
Gordo Perfect AJ cigar. No comparison 5 5 1
Gordo By far one of my favorite smokes. Flavor, smoke, construction, draw. Everything I look for in a quality cigar is all right here. A must have in my humidor. 5 5 1
Gordo Just not a very good cigar. The taste is simply not there. And taste is my number one priority. 2 5 1
Gordo Some of the cigars coming out of Nicaragua currently are outstanding. This is another one that is just as tasty as they get. Great construction, easy to draw, flavors all over the spectrum and just one of the best all-around cigars. 5 5 1
Gordo These are fantastic smokes, full flavor, consistent smokes. I pick them up in samplers when on sale. 5 5 1
Gordo AJ Fernandez does it again and again. One great cigar after another. 5 5 1
Gordo Very pleasant smoking. 4 5 1
Gordo Good construction pleasant to taste smell and look at. These are great cigars and when JR puts them on sale you gotta have it. Gordo is my favorite out of Toros, churchills, and robustos. 5 5 1
Gordo Wonderful cigar,AJ Fernandez as always nails it! 5 5 1
Gordo Too Spicy. I will avoid trying AJ in the future. 1 5 1
Gordo Well constructed medium to full flavor-great compliment to some Crown Royal Apple 5 5 1
Gordo This cigars is steady and consistent. Truly enjoyable 5 5 1
Gordo Excellent smoke. Flavor is good and burns evenly. will buy again. 5 5 1
Gordo AJ does it again! Outstanding! 5 5 1
Gordo Bought a box of ten without having tried them before because JR had what appeared to be a great deal and the Montecristos I've had before (especially the White Label) were excellent. Positives: The cigar puts out a prolific amount of smoke and the draw is very easy. Definitely spicy, but that's not a negative. The downside is that these are very high maintenance - burn is consistently uneven, tunneling a big issue on two of the first three in the box. Despite all the positive reviews below, my experience made me wonder if others have had similar experiences, explaining why they've been on sale at 60%+ below retail. 2 5 1
Gordo A little soft, nice flavor, draws a little too easily. The wrapping is overkill and a waste. 4 5 1
Gordo Excellent 5 5 1
Gordo You can’t go wrong with this cigar. Smooth draw and even burn 5 5 1
Gordo I am always amazed at the beauty of one of these sticks after it is disrobed of all of it's wrappers. Chocolate box pressed, minimal veins and great color consistency. The draw is always a bit firm but still very pleasant, with a palate of dark chocolate, coffee, some minerals and toast with a clean and slightly spicy finish. Good draw and medium smoke volume. Only fault is the couple of touch-ups needed along the way to relight or promote even burn. In my portfolio of daily go-to's.... 5 5 1
Gordo Nice burn. Smooth taste with just enough bite. 4 5 1
Gordo Excellent Cigar 5 5 1
Gordo I don’t think you can get a better smoke unless you have Cubans . Every chance I get when on sale I could never have enough. I have been smiling Cigar for over 50 years 5 5 1
Gordo I have been smoking for 50 lots of Cubans . Unless you have a good Cuban you will not smoke a better cigar … 5 5 1
Gordo The montecristo cigar is an outstanding cigar. If you don't have a good humidor or have any knowledge about cigars then maybe you should ask. AJ Fernandez puts out quality first rate cigars. The montecristo is a staple when you talk about cigars. Yes like everything else sometimes you might get that one that didn't make the cut. It's ok ..these cigars are exceptional.. Try machine made and see what quality you get there. NONE. 5 5 1
Gordo These are very smooth with very good taste. Great burn and ash. Consistent. The Gordo size is perfect in this box pressed cigar. They are not overly strong as far as nicotine kick. Being an AJ blend and rated full strength, I was afraid they might be too strong for me. Not so. I would rate the strength on the lower end of full, maybe even somewhere between medium and full. If you can get them on sale, they’re a good value for this quality. 5 5 1
Gordo one of the best there is 5 5 1

Montecristo Crafted by AJ Fernandez

Gordo 6 × 58 MXCAJG

A hot new JR Exclusive offering , the Montecristo Crafted by A.J. Fernandez cigar is a collaboration between the famous Altadis' Grupo de Maestros and AJ Fernandez—one of the most talented cigarmakers in the biz. Gordo, a hefty 6 x 58-ring stick, features a Mexican San Andrés binder, and aged long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, and Honduras, surrounded by a black and oily Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper. Full bodied, this flawlessly crafted gem is brimming with lip-smacking notes of licorice earth, espresso, leather, and spice, punctuated by a lovely sweet, aroma. Experience yet another savory Montecristo blend that’s destined to become a modern-day classic, and order a box of 10 from JR Cigar today ! 

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San Andrés

Honduras / Nicaragua




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