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Macanudo is a time-honored line of premium cigars that were first developed by legendary cigarmaker Ramon Cifuentes, the mastermind behind the iconic Cuban Partagas brand. Its origins started off in 1971 as Jamaican brand where it was produced for many years. in 2000 the factory in Jamaica was closed and the operation was moved to the Dominican Republic under the leadership of General Cigar.

It all started with the original Dominican Macanudo Café line that quickly took the industry by storm with its unmatched refinement, consistency, and creamy mellow bodied flavors. Even after all these years, the original Macanudo Café sets the standards by which all other Dominican cigars are judged.

The evolution of Macanudo cigars continues today with a huge portfolio of line extensions available in a variety of sizes, blends, shapes, and strength profiles to accommodate every style of smoker.

Furthermore, by establishing state-of-the-art factories and plantations in Nicaragua and Honduras, blends such as the Inspirado Red, Inspirado Orange, and Heritage Reserve, provide bolder blends that were made to usher in whole new audience of well-seasoned Macanudo smokers.

Expanding the portfolio even further, the Macanudo Cigar collection also includes Mbourbon and M by Macanudo the company’s very first flavor infused cigars.

Whichever style that you choose, expect a handmade premium cigar that’s been aged to perfection, , and skillfully blended and rolled in accordance with Macanudo’s stringent quality control standards.

Check out the full line of Macanudo cigars right here at JR and discover one of the many top-of-the-line blends that’ are certain to become a staple in your favorite humidor.

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