4.2439024390243905 41
Duke of York This is a very smooth and mild smoke. It has a very creamy taste and goes great with a cup of coffee. This is my go to cigar I'm not a big fan of those full bodied cigars . 4 5 1
Duke of York Macanudo gold label great smoke. I prefer mild smoked with creamy flavor profiles and this hits the bullseye. After smoking mostly Cuban cigars with cohiba partagas and LGC as my favs these hit close on that mark. Excellent smoke 4 5 1
Duke of York Great medium body smoke. I see what all the hype is over. I prefer medium to full bodied cigars and this fits the bill perfectly. Smooth oh so smooth with creamy texture. 4 5 1
Duke of York Theres a good reason Macanudos are often very highly rated. Give this guy a try and see what the buzz is all about. 4 5 1
Duke of York One of my top 5 mild sticks smooth burns great easy light very well mad mild stick with the perfect amount of flavor 5 5 1
Duke of York The macanudo gold label was just ok for me. You may like it I just thought there were better cigars out there for the price 2 5 1
Duke of York It was a good cigar...I was expecting a little more flavor but this is not the the cigars fault. A nice little cigar. 4 5 1
Duke of York Macanudo gold label duke of York's smooth flavor will draw you in and keep you hooked 5 5 1
Duke of York Well made with a nearly perfect wrapper. Nice full bodied smoke with an light earthy profile. 5 5 1
Duke of York Very good mild smoke for beginners. If I'm looking for a light smoke this is one I turn to. Construction if right on point. 5 5 1
Duke of York The Macanudo gold label Duke of York is a great mild cigar. Really like these for a nice morning smoke. 5 5 1
Duke of York this was very consistant in that never changed and never got better just a cheap junk that never will buy again 3 5 1
Duke of York Could be the box I got but damn - tough draw for most of the batch - the ones that were good were really good but needs to improve 3 5 1
Duke of York Great smoke. Creamy earthy and grassy hints of citrus and some woody notes. Great smoke smooth easy draw not a big mild cigar guy but I enjoyed this. 4 5 1
Duke of York Solid Gold this classic Macanudo beauty ishould be in the cigar hall of fame. It is a staple in the cigar industry. 3 5 1
Duke of York For me this was a morning smoke mild to medium in strength and flavors it had a very consistent burn that was even and never got hot 4 5 1
Duke of York Lovely smoke. Great consistent construction smooth draw even burn. Great taste. Will always keep rhis one in the rotation. 5 5 1
Duke of York Well made, mild stick. Good burn, always, as well as consistent taste. 5 5 1
Duke of York I've tried the good, the bad and the ugly. For me the Gold Label Duke of York is the best. :) 5 5 1
Duke of York Nice smooth cigar ! 4 5 1
Duke of York Macanudos have came a long way in my opinion. The gold label is a good Connecticut leaf with pretty decent flavors. Will smoke again 4 5 1
Duke of York Light flavors. If you like a light cigar these are for you. Check them out. You will love em. 5 5 1
Duke of York I actually enjoyed the mild flavor of this cigar however the stick (at least on the one I sampled) was far too tight impossible to draw out of. There was no way to open the stick up at all so I ended up scrapping it not even half way through. As far as construction the wrapper cracked almost immediately. I have a couple more so hopefully my next stick won't leave me this disappointed. 2 5 1
Duke of York Great smooth cigar is what you would expect from Any macanudo... Great consistency great feeling 5 5 1
Duke of York This cigar is fine. It's well made and very mild. It's just not very interesting. Mild version of your typical CT flavor no changes. 4 5 1
Duke of York Great cigar with absolutely perfect construction. I have never had an issue with a macanudo and it is why I recommend one for newbies. They won't have any burn or draw issues 5 5 1
Duke of York Good little smoke and mirrors are a couple days to come in handy to get to see you new is 5 5 1
Duke of York Worth a try but it's too mild for my palate. Don't get me wrong I'm actually a fan of many mild bodied sticks but this one is very unidimensional. Slightly sweet slight muted tobacco. 4 5 1
Duke of York A nice Stout spicy slightly Sweet Smoke. This one is a testimony to how Macanudo remains so influential in the market. Classic cigar 5 5 1
Duke of York This is another great cigar! Smooth as usual and always great draw and construction. I highly recommend. 5 5 1
Duke of York This is a very well made cigar but misses on flavor and aroma. I am not a fan. 4 5 1
Duke of York If you have around an hour to dedicate to a great smoke then the Duke of York is for you. A mild body with a flavor profile that includes cedar and a nutty hint. Pairs well with lighter beers. 3 5 1
Duke of York This Gold Label Mac is so mellow my wife smoked it ( well... the first 3 to 5 minutes). I haven't had any uneven burning or wrapper issues. Nice draw and flavor gives an easy bellowing smoke. 5 5 1
Duke of York I got one of these in a sampler from JR and it was a really good smoke. Nice light Flavors of a touch of earth with some light coffee. It also carried a very mild sweetness through out. 4 5 1
Duke of York Enjoyed daily usually with morning coffee. Will occasionally burn a little uneven lately 4 5 1
Duke of York Goes well with my coffee 4 5 1
Duke of York Cigars were outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the smoothness and taste of the cigars. 5 5 1
Duke of York Nice and smooth... skip the rest and go for a gold label Macanudo. Good even burning stick too! 5 5 1
Duke of York A smooth light cigar - I have tried numerous brands over the years but alway stick with macanudo gold label Duke of york - goes so well with a cocktail or a cup of coffee ! 5 5 1
Duke of York Great construction, Straight burn and solidly packed. Very consistent from cigar to cigar. Love this size. 4 5 1
Duke of York Didn’t like flavor 4 5 1

Macanudo Gold Label

Duke of York 5.25 × 54 MAGY

Macanudo Gold Label features a silky golden wrapper that gives the cigar its name. This premium, chubby Robusto is even creamier and smoother than the traditional Macanudo. We bet your probably thinking, is that even possible? Try one and see for yourself … But hurry, because it’s available only once a year. It is available in boxes of 25 and singles.
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