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Filtered Cigars are a popular choice for smokers on the go that want rich cigar tobacco taste delivered with the smoothness and refinement that a filter tip provides. The tobaccos used in these little cigars can be aged or fermented to provide traditional non-aromatic, or lightly sweetened flavor infused varieties, all boasting a smooth mellow bodied profile that can be enjoyed all day long.

Filtered Cigars are traditionally sold in affordable 10 pack cartons with 20 cigars in each carton, allowing you to conveniently take them wherever you go. They are also a great choice for yardwork, running, errands, quick lunchtime breaks, or whenever you don’t have the time to sit back and relax with a full sized premium handmade cigars.

At JR Cigar, we pride ourselves in carrying a wide selection of Filtered Cigars on the web. Here, you’ll find affordable filter-tipped smokes from Captain Black, Phillies, Cherokee, King Edward, Santa Fe, Djarum, Dreams, and many more. So, discover your favorite blend or style of Filtered Cigars, then, place an online order from yours truly today!

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