4.111111111111111 18
Regular I have tried several brands of the filter cigars and I found these to be the best. The flavor the draw and consistency are perfect. 5 5 1
Regular I really like the prices and availability. But ever know when my orders are getting shipped or will arrive because I don’t ever receive an email telling me that my order has shipped, and never get a tracking number. 3 5 1
Regular Love the flavor 5 5 1
Regular Nice aroma 5 5 1
Regular My favorite cigar 5 5 1
Regular I bought a carton of talon regular cigars and I had to throw 2 packs away cause I couldn't smoke them cause they had little holes in them somehow 1 5 1
Regular If you like a good full flavor and consistent taste, then these Aren't for you... First pack not bad, second pack not great, third pack...even my garbage can didn't like them.. You get the idea! Seneca for $5 less a carton put these to shame.. 1 5 1
Regular Easy to order and arrived quicker than expected 5 5 1
Regular Best cigars around 4 5 1
Regular These are perfect when you are short on time. Smooth and consistent! My problem is I have friends that always want one over what is in their pocket. 5 5 1
Regular Good taste easy draw and good burn 5 5 1
Regular I usually get Smokin Joes regulars and they were out so got these instead. Almost as good as Joes and of all the filtered cigars I have tried they are my #2 pick. 5 5 1
Regular An excellent product; the flavor is a little too light, but great nonetheless. 5 5 1
Regular Great cig for the price and quick service. 5 5 1
Regular I don't really like these. Some of them were hard to draw. 2 5 1
Regular Wonderful taste very smooth and not too harsh 5 5 1
Regular B 5 5 1
Regular On rack pack of Toulon cigars there were some defective items like you can see in attached photo If you can bring this problem to the responsible people please do this. Thank you 3 5 1

Talon Filtered Cigars

Regular 3.87 × 20 TALR

These cigarette-sized filtered cigars are perfect for a quick smoke break when you don’t have the time or place to enjoy a full-sized cigar. You’ll get classic rich and smooth tobaccos tastes that are filled with medium-bodied flavors. The Talon Regular cigars are available on the JR website in carton of 10 packs of 20 for a grand total of 200 smokes.
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10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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