Cigars by Strength is a category that encompasses the overall body of the smoke and the impact it has on your palate and senses. The standard guideline in the premium cigar industry, and among manufacturers that produce the blends, is that cigars are either mellow, mellow to medium, medium, medium to full bodied, or just flat out full bodied in strength.

The second part of the cigar strength equation is the flavor. While strength is generally agreed upon by all, flavor can be a bit more personal. Bearing in mind that every taste bud is different, the flavor or flavors of a cigar is often decided by what particular nuances every smoker detects on his or her palate.

That said, the master blenders that create such popular cigars as the full-bodied Padron, the medium bodied Undercrown Shade, and the mellow Don Diego, do have very well-refined palates and pretty much know the general flavors of the tobacco blends that they produce. Therefore, flavor descriptions that you’ll find on our JR website will give you a very good idea of what profiles that you will encounter.

Some premium cigar smokers gradually move up in strength as their tolerance increases, while others just find their perfect strength right out of the gate. However, for the rest, cigars by strength are used as a guide to determine which top-notch smokes they will be enjoying throughout the course of the day.

A fine example of cigar strengths is waking up in the morning to a mellow Rocky Patel Vintage 1999, with the second stick being the mellow to medium bodied Sobremesa Brulee. Then, in the afternoon, a lunchtime smoking session with a medium bodied CAO Gold Maduro will invigorate the rest of your day. Moving right along, nothing is finer than a medium to full bodied El Rey del Mundo after dinner at the diner. And lastly, the full-bodied, and top-rated Alec Bradley Prensado is the perfect reward late in the evening after a day well spent!

Now, it’s your turn to find your favorite cigar strength, with the assurance that you’ll find them all right here at JR Cigar, for the best prices online!

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