4.17910447761194 67
Gordito Maduro you cannot beat the price... this cigar is great every time i burn one, I am a daily smoker so it can get expensive... they are a wallet saver without sacrificing with tasteless cheap cigars 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro I have bought your other factory smokes before and they were very good but this a Very dry I am very disappointed in the and I’m scared to reorder the same kind. 1 5 1
Gordito Maduro WOW, for the price you can't beat it. I have found my everyday cigar to smoke. Are there better cigars out there? Of course there is, but not for < $2 a stick!! 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro All I can say is this cigar tastest amazing for the price I smoke 2-3 cigars a day so these will dDonatello be ordered again. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Poor construction, Most of the cigars they are loosely constructed and turned in Mush at the end 2 5 1
Gordito Maduro At $1,72 per stick you really cannot go wrong. The build is somewhat inconsistent as I have had a few caps pop off mid smoke. The flavor profile is straight tobacco IMHO but it's not harsh. The draw is generally good as they aren't rolled very tight. Smokes faster than any other 6x60 I've smoked. It's one of those cigars that you can start and not be too concerned if you have to put it down before you're finished. I have to add that I am not a fan of Indonesian wrappers as I find that they are the thinnest in the business and tend to rip and fall apart easier than other, thicker wrappers. 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro I am only a cigarsmoker - not an expert. We are speaking about the FactorySmokes here. Only negative is that the construction is " loose " and the cigars are often " light or soft " and it would appear that the filler is soething other that " long leaft " ( ? ) However, they are very good as a lower price cigar. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro We always get exactly what we order and shopping is so fast. Great prices too. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Like the 60 ring better ordered the wrong ones 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro Worst cigar in 30 years. Poorly constructed, falls apart in hand before 1/5th smoked. Tobacco doesn't stay in wrap, absolutely doesn't qualify as a cigar. Its like they poured pipe tobacco in a wrapper, and then didn't wrap it tightly or at all. Reminds me of a BS power, ^%&*( just dumps out.Threw mine out, couldn't even give them to the Mil guys on base for FREE....... 1 5 1
Gordito Maduro Construction is very loose. Draw is very loose. You should definitely use a punch cutter or V cutter. Don't use a full size guillotine. Soft at the beginning and very soft at the end. The 4 or 5 I've smoked have all had uneven burns requiring a touch up here and there. And as far as a 6 X 60 goes, I can smoke one in about 15 ~ 20 minutes. WAY to fast for a Gordo. And they are pretty dry. I'm hoping that they get a little better as they sit in the humidor over the next week or two. They definitely seem to have a tunneling issue (where the inside burns at a much faster rate than the outside) Now the flavor is very nice in my opinion. Pretty one sided, mainly just tobacco with a little bit of pepper. But nice and consistent all the way through. And I'd consider it on more of the medium~mild side as far as strength goes. But then again, I usually reach for the biggest fattest Nicaraguan I can get my hands on, so I'm pretty biassed on strength. Overall I can't really complain too much because they come at a great price point. Definitely good for a quick smoke or knock around stick that you don't mind dropping on the ground while mowing your grass. Or maybe tossing one towards your mooch friend who doesn't know much about cigars. But when I compare it to cheaper cigars at a little bit higher of a price point, I'd definitely consider passing on this. And don't think you're going to enjoy this on a warm summer night watching a ball game on TV with a cold glass of Scotch. You're not... It's just not that cigar. But if you keep in mind what it is and what you're going to be using it for, you'll be fine. Consider buying a pack. If you're not that big of a fan, you're not out that much money.🤷 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro OK,I've read some of the very negative reviews however, I for one am impressed with this cigar. Sure it's a little loose that only makes for a easy draw. The flavors are unpredictable yet pleasant. I can't afford premium cigars at a rate of four Smokes a day, so I found these and smoke them between an occasional premium smoke. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro I must be getting different bundles than everyone else, because I think these cigars just fine. My brother and I have had about every cigar out there and sure there are better smokes. However, for the money, I feel that this cigar does the job. Only on rare occasions do I come across a loose made one. They burn even and I do normally punch the cap or do a small v-cut in them. It does has a double cap on them and yes every once in awhile the top one will become loose. I think that’s because it isn’t quite large enough. But all in all, I have been very pleased with this cigar. I do rotate them in my humidor for about 30 days. Over all no complaints. I will certainly keep on purchasing these cigars. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro Excellent draw and smoke. Never dissatisfied with cap 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro These are good for everyday smokes but I have noticed that the last 2 shipments have had horrible caps they are not even staying on. Once cut either using a V cut or straight the wrapper begins to come off due to the cap. The other thing is I’ve noticed that all the filler will eventually filter its way out the cut and into your mouth; so constant spitting of pieces. I guess you get what ya pay for I’ve gotten 2 bundles that were good and 2 that were bad right in a row. 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro 👍🏽 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Great cigar for the $ 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro Thanks 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro Smooth deep flavor. Long lasting without becoming bitter. Very enjoyable. Never gets hot. I'm sticking with it as one of my favorite cigars. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro I love these. Has a good draw good burn and a terrific taste. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro I've smoked about half of the bundle and I'm impressed. A few touch ups here and there, but not many. Constructed well with a good draw. I've noticed as mentioned numerous times here, that the longer they are in the humidor, the better they are. In just 15 days I've noticed a difference, so if I could go longer the better. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro My go to Maduro smoke. Cheap consistent you will not be disappointed. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro I really enjoy this cigar for a daily smoke. For its price it is an excellent choice for its price and purpose. Of course, it is not intended to be a premium smoke. However, as a daily smoke it is a real bargain. It has a fair to good draw, and I enjoy its taste. So, I highly recommend this cigar as a great bargain choice. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro Great value cigar. It smokes very well and is really good with coffee in the morning. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro My go to cigar great price 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro I have smoked much more expensive cigars that aren’t as good as the Gordito Maduro Factory Smokes. When I finished my first cigar I turned around and bought 2 more bundles🤠 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro This is a Great Cigar at the right price! 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro This has been my go to stick. I can get 25 of these for a great low price and save the high dollar sticks for occasions other than every day. No issues whatsoever with these so far. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro I can’t wait to try them. Because I plan on ordering some next week. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Easy draw uneven burn loosely wrapped and burns hot 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro Weird taste and burns on one side it’s an so so cigar 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro Just started smoking these. Very happy. One the best smokes I have had at this price point. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro good cigar for the price . 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro The cigars are on the money. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Great stick 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Good every day cigar. Strong and burns ok if not too heavily smoked. I think it may be shortr filler but it's a good cigar I make a punch hole in it, Instead of A flat or V cut. I normally always prefer the flat cut 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro Very good 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Excellent 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro My review on these cigars. Is they are just right for my pockets. And go good with bourbon. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Just the way I like em 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro These cigars are straight. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Smooth draw ,burns well , just not much flavor 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro Great smoke. Taste is right on the button. Everyday smoke without breaking the bank. Drew estate always has a winning line and these are perfect with coffee or a nice bourbon. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Cigar had a good flavor and was the right size for a quick smoke and is a good bargain for the price. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro For the price point the Factory Selects brand are hard to beat. Enjoying a cigar everyday is an expensive habit. But these have nice flavor and a great draw! 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro better than many other pricey sticks, robust and earthiness 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro These are decent cigars , have a real good draw lots of smoke and good burn, but I can’t taste anything that is described as chocolate or spices or caramel and it just might be my palate has taken a vacation. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro Great 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Not a bad cigar for a novice cigar person. This cigars has above average draw. Stays light when outside doing activities. Might need to touch up. Burns for the most part even. Flavor okay not to harsh. Would recommend for everyday while doing activities. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro okay for the money 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro The cap generally does not survive for the entire smoke so the end unravels about 25% of the time. Construction is usually good resulting in a good draw. The flavor is woody with earth tones to me. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Very good cigar. Been smoking for 5 years. Highly recommend. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Marvelous cigar 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Great Cigar 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Good deal price, just issues with ends coming off 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro Really nice cigar with an even burn and nice taste. Also, excellent price. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro First of all, the flavor is fantastic and fairly consistent. The wrapper was a little thin but looked good. Although the draw was good, at times I had to take a couple extra puffs to get a good amount of smoke. The foot puts out a constant flow of smoke which is not uncommon with Drew Estates cigars. Overall a great tasting premium cigar at an incredibly low price! 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro You can't beat the quality for the price. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Bery good stick considering the price. Highly recommend and will def buy again. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro I was hesitant at first because the price made me wonder how good can they be. As an everyday smoker they're pretty good I'll smoke one while I'm cutting the grass working in the yard decent flavor good drag good construction they will be my fill in cigars. 4 5 1
Gordito Maduro This monster would go with me. 2 if playing 18 and pocket full for friends. It’s for sure the golfer’s best friend. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Good taste, constant funneling, poor construction, draw inconsistent 2 5 1
Gordito Maduro Decent taste construction is hit and miss but for the price okay smoke 2 5 1
Gordito Maduro First impression was the draw was too tight, put them back in a secondary humidor and tried them again after a few months, now it's one of my favorite smokes. Affordable, great flavor, plan to get another bundle to set back and age just a bit. 5 5 1
Gordito Maduro Has to be the Worst cigar That I've ever tried to smoke. They won't stay lit, gets softer as you try to smoke, harsh taste. The entire package is like this. Tried to dry them out with no luck. Will absolutely never purchase again!! 1 5 1
Gordito Maduro I love Drew Estate. But these are a mess. They burn well but are so loosely wrapped that they make a huge mess. Good flavor but about half way smoked they fly apart :/ 3 5 1
Gordito Maduro Great smoke for the money!! 4 5 1

Factory Smokes by Drew Estate

Gordito Maduro 6 × 60 DEFSMG

The Factory Smokes by Drew Estate Gordito Maduro cigar features a blend of aged Indonesian binder and long fillers, covered by a dark and luscious maduro wrapper. The result is rich medium bodied flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and spices. Like every Drew Estate creation, this value priced gem is expertly crafted with utmost of quality and care. Order an affordable bundle of 25 from JR Cigar now, and savor the perfect everyday smoke from one of the hottest brands in the premium cigar industry!

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