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Throughout the long and storied history of handmade premium cigars, very few brands have made such a lasting impression as ACID Cigars by Drew Estate. Historically, premium cigars are rolled using just a fine selection of top-grade tobaccos, but ACID took the process one step further by using tobacco leaves infused with exotic spices, essential oils, and herbs, to provide a smoking experience that is unlike any other. This bought unique new flavors to the market that quickly became a phenomenon among the more adventurous traditional smoker as well as a new breed of premium cigar buffs searching for an entirely new smoking experience.

The founders of Acid Cigars, Jonathan Drew, and Marvin Samuel were college students and frat brothers in New York City when they decided to start their own business in a small kiosk located in the World Trade Center. Being cigar lovers themselves, but with little knowledge on the subject, they embarked on a journey to Nicaragua, their favorite tobacco growing country, and spent countless months learning everything from planting seeds, tobacco growing, cigar rolling, and blending. It is here where these two entrepreneurs deciding to turn the premium cigar industry upside down by creating blends using the above-mentioned infusion process.

After returning to New York City , Drew and Samel shared a workplace in a small studio with renowned street artist Scott “Acid” Chester, and finally had an edgy name for their new brand. Chester was also influential in creating boxes for each ACID blend using his eye-catching graffiti-like artwork.

Today the ACID brand portfolio encompasses a star-studded lineup of immensely popular blends all produced at the famed La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. The Kuba Kuba is widely considered the most popular ACID blend followed closely by the Red Series, Gold Series, and Purple Series that all include zany monikers like Red Nasty, Purple Croqueta, ACID Blondie cigars, and Extra Ordinary Larry. All these daring blends have their own unique flavor profiles that perfectly suit their rather bizarre and intriguing names.

Best of all, the extensive Drew Estate ACID brand portfolio includes blends that range from mellow to full bodied and everything in between, and come in a staggering array of shapes, wrapper colors, and sizes, to accommodate every style of smoker.

For cigar aficionados willing to step out of their comfort zone and experience a delightful flavor infused alternative to a standard non-aromatic blend, the world-famous ACID brand is poised to provide a smoke that’s truly unlike any other.

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