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Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel are not your typical cigarmakers that come from a long lineage of famous tobacco growers in Cuba. They are two frat brothers from New York that began selling cigars in a small kiosk in the World Trade Center. This all changed when they decided to think outside the box (or kiosk) and create the now enormously popular ACID cigars.

Founded in 1999, ACID cigars are a combination of premium long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos that are infused with a host of exotic herbs, spices, and rare botanicals. Furthermore, to make the ACID brand truly standout, Jonathan and Marvin turned to renowned Graffiti Artist Scott “ACID” Chester who adds his stunning graffiti-like artistry to every box and cigar band in the Acid lineup. Scott and Jonathan also coined the tagline “the rebirth of cigars”, which quickly became the brands mission statement. ACID fans have learned throughout the years not to ask about these mysterious ingredients because the recipe book will always remain a deep dark secret that is well hidden in the Drew Estate vault.

These imbued smokes that have zany monikers like Red Nasty, Purple Croqueta, and Extra Ordinary Larry, appeal to both the more daring traditional smoker as well as a new breed of premium cigar buffs searching for an entirely new smoking experience.

Best of all, the extensive ACID portfolio includes blends that range from mellow to full bodied and everything in between, in a staggering array of shapes, wrapper colors, and sizes, to accommodate every style of smoker.

For cigar aficionados willing to step out of their comfort zone and experience a delightful flavor infused alternative to their standard non-aromatic blends, the world-renowned ACID brand is poised to provide a smoke that’s truly unlike any other.

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