3.7333333333333334 15
C-Note AWESOME little smokes ! I have been smoking these for years and quality is top notch tobacco I know cigars and will tell you no lie these are it when your out and get to sneak away to a quite spot and enjoy! HIGHLY recommend these have a potpourri of flavor! 5 5 1
C-Note Awesome cigarillos full of non stop taste. Been smoking these little guys for years love them when in need of a quick cigar fix and dont have all that much time. The taste that only the Drew Estate has mastered so well through the years. I keep them all over in my garage at work my office you name it to me they are awesome little smokes for on the go or morning coffee on the go. 10 Stars if I could! 5 5 1
C-Note This used to be my go to smoke but the quality has fallen off. Back in the day they were consistently good and now every other one smokes wet and oozes tar unravels and won’t stay lit. Currently looking for another brand because this is a huge disappointment at nearly $100 a box. 1 5 1
C-Note I think these little sweeties are an acquired taste. The first time I bought a box I wasn't sure what I thought of them. By the end of that box I liked them well enough to try a 2nd box.. By the end of that box I absolutely loved them! They have become one of my faves. Now I really miss their unique taste if I run out. I'm ordering another box today. I'm a female cigar smoker and I prefer smaller cigars and cigarillos. I'm pleased to see more quality small cigars on the market these days. Acid has come up with a real winner in the C-Notes! I don't know what they've added to give them their unique taste but I find the flavor to be enticing. 5 5 1
C-Note If you are looking for a quick, simply cigar, look no further. 4 5 1
C-Note Very stale cigars. They unravel everytime you smoke them. 1 5 1
C-Note Very smooth and tasty I love them 5 5 1
C-Note They are harsh, unwrap while smoking, cannot finish 1/2 of one. They are terrible. 1 5 1
C-Note Great little Acid with a bold sweetness. However, it tends to extinguish its self if not constantly tended to. 4 5 1
C-Note If you love infused Acids, then you will also love this little powerhouses. Same great flavor when you need a quick smoke. 5 5 1
C-Note Flavored not up to 3 5 1
C-Note Great price and great service! 4 5 1
C-Note Na 4 5 1
C-Note Great little cigar, great for a quick smoke. 5 5 1
C-Note Nice handmade cigarillos, excellent flavor. Acid has a few ways to get them consistent in their draw, but overall it's a great way to have a quick smoke. 4 5 1


C-Note 3.75 × 20 ACNOTE

ACID C-Note brings the exotic taste of Acid cigars to a petite 3.75 × 20 format. Wrapped in a delicately spicy Sumatra leaf wrapper and infused with Drew Estate’s signature blend of herbs and botanicals, the aromatic C-Note provides a slow burn, a fragrant aroma, and an abundance of earth, nuts, citrus, and dried fruit flavors.    

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