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The original Cuban Cohiba cigars were established in 1966 as a limited production private brand made exclusively for Fidel Castro to enjoy alone or to share with high-level officials in the Communist Party. Often given as diplomatic gifts, the Cohiba brand gradually developed a "cult" status as soon as it was released commercially for sale to the public in 1982. The US Cohiba brand that smokers everywhere in the states have come to love, is produced by the General Cigar Company, home to some of the most popular Cuban heritage brands on the American market today. The storied Cohiba marque now boasts modern state-of-the art factories in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua where it produces top-notch blends ranging in strength from medium to bold and full bodied, so that seasoned afficionados and newcomers alike can savor the luxurious Cohiba experience. With so many handcrafted premium styles and flavor profiles to choose from right here at JR Cigar, you’re sure to find a Cohiba cigar blend that more than satisfies your smoking needs.

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