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Cohiba Cigars is undoubtedly one of the most famous cigar brands on the market today, and its name is synonymous with luxury and status. Like the dozens of Cuban-heritage brands on the market today, there is a Cuban-made version and a non-Cuban version that is available only in the United States. However, unlike most other heritage brands, Cohiba was created after U.S. embargo was raised in 1962.

Most Cuban-heritage brands are well over a hundred years old, with a few exceptions, but Cohiba was not created until 1966, well after Fidel Castro had assumed control of Cuba. As the Cohiba story goes, Castro’s personal bodyguard was gifted cigars by a local cigar maker named Eduardo Rivera. Castro was so enamored with that cigar’s aroma, he requested they be made for him as well.

Castro went to visit Rivera, asking him all about how he made the cigar. The El Laguito factory, a former mansion, was transformed for the exclusive production of Cohiba, and the Cuban Cohiba is still made there to this day. By 1968, the cigars were named Cohiba after the indigenous Taino word for “tobacco” and were Castro’s personal blend, and only given out as diplomatic gifts to statesmen who visited Castro.

While the Cuban Cohiba was released internationally in 1982, it was still unavailable in the United States due to the embargo levied against the Caribbean nation. As a result, the Cohiba trademark was available for register in the United States, and General Cigar Co. was quick to register Cohiba in 1978. By the 1980s, General’s Dominican Cohiba, affectionately referred to as the “Red Dot” Cohiba, hit U.S. shelves.

When the cigar boom of the 1990s rolled around, the Red Dot Cohiba became incredibly popular and a staple in humidors across the U.S. Its blend of masterfully aged Dominican long fillers, Indonesian binder, and top-shelf Cameroon wrapper won over the American palate with a smooth, refined, and flavorful medium-bodied mosaic of caramel, leather, cinnamon, espresso, and sweet spices.

If you are craving something with richer flavors, the Cohiba Black will be an excellent addition to your humidor. Built around a core of 3-year-aged long fillers from the Dominican Republic, Cohiba Black features a Connecticut Broadleaf binder as well as a dusky Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. It presents notes of chocolate, zesty spices, roasted nuts, and leather that are smooth and satisfying.

As the demand for Nicaraguan cigars in the market grew, General took the bold step to release the Cohiba Nicaragua. Capturing the boldness and complexity of Nicaraguan tobaccos in a Cubanesque blend, the Cohiba Nicaragua is crafted with choice Nicaraguan long filler and binder tobaccos from Jalapa and Esteli swathed in a Colorado Oscuro wrapper. Its rich full-bodied flavors of peppery spices, leather, dark roasted coffee, leather, and hints of creaminess will win over the most discerning connoisseurs.

There are several more top-shelf blends from the Cohiba lineup to choose from, each with its own nuances yet all provide a smoking experience that sets the bar for the rest of the market. Whichever Cohiba you choose, you can trust you are in for the quintessential cigar. Order your Cohiba Cigars online with JR Cigar today to fill your humidor with some of the best cigars on the market!

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