3.475 40
Miniature I was very satisfied with them littler smaller than I imagined but still a decent draw and good flavor for the size. JR always sends me the freshest cigars around. Just as with my other review a little upset it wasn't packed with a boveda pouch but they were still super fresh 4 5 1
Miniature These little specimens are a fine treat for a quick relaxing moment. When your limited with time. Enjoy one of these 5 5 1
Miniature Not so much a fan of these but they are indeed a quick smoke. If you enjoy the regular Non Cuban Cohiba then maybe you will find these to your liking. 2 5 1
Miniature I am not a huge fan of cigarillos but the cohiba miniatures are good. Perfect for the in between smoke. 5 5 1
Miniature If you really want a cigar and have only a little time this one will do the trick. Not great but it will do. 3 5 1
Miniature Ok smoke. Too quick for my likes. Not As strong as I prefer but not bad. 3 5 1
Miniature Very good cigar not strong has good taste burnt even to the end I love small ones sometimes 5 5 1
Miniature When my puppy wants outside to play these are my smoked. Fast burning best flavor of any small gauge cigar 5 5 1
Miniature I prefer the Romeos. These are simply average. Nothing extra for the money. Davidoff Gold or Partsges minis before these again. 3 5 1
Miniature Not a bad little cigar. Easy burn and quick lasting. Could smoke this at any time. Would recommend this 5 5 1
Miniature Don't even bother. There are far better cigars in the world other than these. Stay away from these. Not worth the money. 1 5 1
Miniature Was kinda disappointed with these cigars alot of them bad because too tight very hard to smoke but sure if it's from the tin. Smoked this brand before were great. 4 5 1
Miniature last longer than expected. a little bit of spicy but smooth. good value for money. 4 5 1
Miniature As a pretty new yet savvy Cigar smoker I have to say I am completely happy with these little Cohibas. They are delicious! They don't take an hour's commitment and they're just great. I guess I am drawn to the small cigar. I wish they had closed tips that you had to snip off but I guess that is just not possible with their design. They are portable fresh delicious and I'm going to have one now! 4 5 1
Miniature excellent flavor 4 5 1
Miniature 1. Your website, which looks like you tried to upgrade, is very hard to navigate. I tried to call in an order and never got through after a 45 minute wait. SO your customer service is very poor. And I am telling you because you asked me. Also, you are sending me many annoying promotional e-mails a day that I don't need. Overall, dealing with JR has been a low-rate experience, and I've doing it for close to 30 years, when you had store-front operations. 1 5 1
Miniature I bought these to treat myself. The tin is very nice and each cigarillo is individually wrapped. Harder draw than I was expecting, They feel solid especially compared to the wood tipped swisher sweets I usually smoke that fall apart almost instantly. However, I would not purchase these again because they taste terrible. They taste exactly the same as the swisher sweet cigarillos with wooden tips but for the price of one tin I can get 50 swishers. 1 5 1
Miniature Very good. I like the Minitures very much. 5 5 1
Miniature Tastes and smells goid but they are a pain in the ass to smoke they won't stay lit indoors or outdoors it's sad cause the flavor is great but not enjoyable to smoke maybe it's just the pack I got 2 5 1
Miniature I am a big fan of this Cohiba tin. These cigars are great on the go and are always consistent and great 5 5 1
Miniature A short and quick smoke. Good quality about the same as the full size just with a smaller draw of course 4 5 1
Miniature If you don't have a lot of time this is a great one. It's fast burning. Doesn't leave much of an aftertaste either. I could thought use more smoke out put. 4 5 1
Miniature This is a medium bodied cigar. Flavor notes: spice leather hint of coffee caramel. Draw on these Mimi's are a little firm. These are excellent when you do not have time for a full sized cigar. 3 5 1
Miniature Not so much a fan of these but they are indeed a quick smoke. If you enjoy the regular Non Cuban Cohiba then maybe you will find these to your liking. 2 5 1
Miniature Cohiba Dominican Miniature is a small version of the normal sized cigar by cohiba. I tried these while on the job because I wanted a cigar but didn't have a lot of time. My boy Elroy and I burned a forest of these things on our breaks. Elroy fell through the ice on an iced over lake. He stopped cigars afterwards but I'm still there burning them down 3 5 1
Miniature For the price these were subpar to say the least the draw was tight and the wrapper started coming off on the first third tried another same thing gave the rest away 2 5 1
Miniature Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Nice flavors burns well throughout. Nice tin. 5 5 1
Miniature Made with scrap short filler the only thing this does correctly is burn evenly. Save your money as this isn't worth the time 1 5 1
Miniature Cohiba always finds a way to knock it out of the park when it comes to producing all the greatest cigars you can truly enjoy 4 5 1
Miniature These are a great lil quick smoke nice and smooth and great price point for that on the go 4 5 1
Miniature Great little cigars. I thought these tasted great! I would definitely recommend these to anyone. 5 5 1
Miniature Did not like these At all. Came out of the tin very dry and couldn't get the wrapper to stay together 2 5 1
Miniature Cohiba skin an miniature are great little cigars that give you a nice taste without too much aftertaste 5 5 1
Miniature Was kinda disappointed with these cigars alot of them bad because too tight very hard to smoke but sure if it's from the tin. Smoked this brand before were great. 4 5 1
Miniature The draw on these seem to be hit or miss but somewhat tight overall as well the flavor was consistent although not complex enough to keep my attention 3 5 1
Miniature great value for money. tight draw though. 4 5 1
Miniature My Cohiba miniature cigar tin was awesome! Each one of the cigars was absolutely delightful. I was able to go outside at my office to enjoy these quickly. It's usually not something that I'm able to pull of so easily during a lunch hour but with these is ray and it's a treat! 5 5 1
Miniature As I was hoping these little devils are a nice treat in a hurry. I think the flavor and draw are a little less than the larger version simply because there is less room for air to pass and not as much to chew on. But they are still smooth and nicely made with a lot of spicy flavor notes. The tin is nice and easy to slip in a pocket. Pre-cut for convenience. I will be keeping some of these around for those occasions when there isn't much time. Also great for me when I'm trying to enjoy my smoke outside where it can be mighty chilly in Denali AK. because I can have a few delightful puffs without wasting or having to re-light a larger cigar. 4 5 1
Miniature Alittle thin but a rich smoke. Did not last as long as the thicker blue dot Cohiba. 3 5 1
Miniature Not perfect but ok 1 5 1

Cohiba Red Dot

Miniature 3.88 × 24 CDMI

Cohiba Red Dot Miniature Cigars offer those same rich and rewarding Cohiba flavors that’s perfect for premium cigar smokers on the go. Featured in easy to carry tins, these 3.88 x24 flavor bombs are expertly rolled with a genuine, toothy, Cameroon wrapper from Africa that surrounds an Indonesian binder, and Dominican long filler tobaccos. The Dominican long fillers featured in this sophisticated blend uses three different varieties of Cuban seed tobacco for added layers of complexity. Medium bodied, and laced with luxurious notes of leather, coffee, cinnamon, and caramel, around a core of sweet spice, Cohiba Red Dot Miniature’s will become your perfect smoking companion for camping, fishing, running errands, or that much need 15-minute cigar break from your busy day.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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