Whether you are a seasoned pro, or brand new to the premium cigar smoking scene, there’s a very good chance that you have either heard of, or smoked a Cohiba Cigar. The original Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos SA and was originally created in 1966 for the late President of Cuba, Fidel Castro. Today, these award-winning cigars are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, with the Cohiba Red Dot Cigars standing out as one of the company’s oldest and most popular offerings. Meticulously handcrafted by the factories most highly skilled rollers, Cohiba Red Dot Cigars feature a sweet, toothy, Cameroon wrapper from Africa that surrounds an Indonesian binder, and three varieties of Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic. Rich flavors of leather, coffee, cinnamon, and caramel, around a core of sweet spice, provides a luxurious medium bodied experience that’s not to be missed by any true cigar connoisseur. Available in a wide variety of sizes, that comes in 5-packs, 10-packs, singles, and boxes of 25, every Cohiba Red Dot Cigar is sold right here at JR Cigar for the best prices on the web. Order your favorite size, and packaging, then enjoy a modern-day classic that sets the standard of excellence by which all other Dominican cigars are judged.
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