4.384615384615385 65
Corona This cigar is by far my favorite blend. Ordered 10 more! Glad I found your website - excellent service and products. 5 5 1
Corona My top 3 if the the top ever. Fist cigar I ever smoked also. Great flavor and I’ve been a Dominican fan ever since! 5 5 1
Corona When I think of cigars I think cohiba. Smooth flavorful with a nice finish. Pricey but one of the cigars that's worth every penny 4 5 1
Corona Another grade A cigar there is nothing better well I have not found anything yet my humidor will never be without some if I get down to a 5 pack I will panic absolutely the best stick out there 5 5 1
Corona The Dominican is my favorite cohiba though I have never had one from cuba to compare. These have a great burn and are consistant. 5 5 1
Corona One of my favorite sticks consistently a great purchase smooth even burn to me worth the price. I keep several in my humidor along with Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Punch Rothschild and La Gloria Cubana. 5 5 1
Corona Not bad. If u can score some at discounted price. I personally like this cigar but not for msrp. And plenty of other options out there. 3 5 1
Corona This corona is about all I can afford to smoke as far as the cohiba Dominican goes. For that price I can have a padron! 5 5 1
Corona Great cigar. Lots of flavor. Burns great for a medium cigar. Consistency is spot on as is the draw and construction. Notes of leather spice dried fruit 5 5 1
Corona This is a very nice Cohiba. Quality smoke with solid construction and a flawless draw. Great taste. 5 5 1
Corona One of my favorites without a doubt always have a few in my humidor. Perfect gateway cigar if you want to introduce a friend to cigar smoking. Starts off mild and then the flavor intensifies as you get to the halfway mark and stays consistently medium to the nub. And yes I smoke these until they burn my fingers! Draw can be a bit loose so I recommend a V cut on these if you don't like loose draw. Burn is absolutely excellent from beginning to end. 4 5 1
Corona These are wonderful cigars and this size really lets you taste the great Cameroon wrapper. The wrapper is toothy and no seams show. Wonderful flavors 5 5 1
Corona I had heard that this was great but I wasn't impressed. It was ok but a little bland and uninteresting. I may try again though it seems it was a bad pick 3 5 1
Corona Can u say anything negative about this line. These smokes are excellent. Nice wrap with a nice smooth draw. Nice flavors burns well throughout. 5 5 1
Corona Medium body medium strength. pleasant earthy flavors. It's a little nutty and sweet like a nougat. Not a dessert stick but it's definitely delicious. 5 5 1
Corona This is a good mild-medium cigar with the same delicious smoky creamy flavors as the robusto 5 5 1
Corona A good cigar. Not overwhelming. Will buy again 4 5 1
Corona Got this in the monthly pack. The construction feel and smell of the wrapper I thought I was in for a treat. Not a good cigar - flavor was absent. Put it down after an inch of ash... 3 5 1
Corona Five stars all the way all the time. Great mild smoke that is great all the way thru. 5 5 1
Corona Corona is my favorite size for this cigar. You get more wrapper flavor and a little more complexity. Nice one 4 5 1
Corona The Cohiba line has one of the best cigars out there. The good flavor construction and how smooth it burns makes them one of the best 5 5 1
Corona Overrated is the keyword for this cigar. It is highly overpriced and doesn't stand up to the hype. There are cigars that match in price and some less expensive that are far better. 1 5 1
Corona This is a pretty expensive cigar for my tastes but it came as part of a sampler so I was only too happy to try it and see how the other half lives! It was an excellent smoke. Perfect draw and creamy flavors that lingered. It burned perfectly. Looking forward do my next one! 5 5 1
Corona the cigar is not what is shown in the video. you get small sampler cigars 5 1/2 inch fat cigarette size . My bad for not checking the size. The video should be removed wont try the cigars till Christmas ; giving ratings based on other Cohibas 5 5 1
Corona This baby is one consistent stick for years and years when you buy them here or travel to the domimincan Republic it's the same stick just wish it had more flavor 4 5 1
Corona Perfectly constructed always consistent smooth but full bodied cigar. Always a little pricey but you get what you pay for. 5 5 1
Corona This was the first Cohiba I ever smoked. Nice creamy Dominican flavor. Smooth easy draw with a even burn. 5 5 1
Corona Cohoba are always a go to for me great cigars for the price you cannot get a better flavor or consistent cigar 4 5 1
Corona Harsh and dry but nice flavor not my favorite. I stay with Montecristo classic and Davidoff Signature 2000. 4 5 1
Corona Terrible cigar, several had split wrappers. if you want a Cohiba this is nothing like the Cuban brand at all 1 5 1
Corona You guys charged me for shipping but I am JR Plus customer and shouldn’t charged for shipping 4 5 1
Corona Always a smooth draw, a tight ash, and perfectly even burn ... the flavor is bold yet mild ... always a treat. 5 5 1
Corona This is a decent cigar. Over priced for the flavor it holds. Quality is good as well as draw. Can find better at this price 3 5 1
Corona Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes....for special times not every day. Buy a box for giveaways? No way!! 5 5 1
Corona One of the best cigars I've ever smoked smooth creamy perfect burn no cracks no blemishes only change should be able to afford these 5 5 1
Corona Unless u cAn get these at a discount o am pretty sure u can get similar flavor paying half the price. My problems with all cohiba non cc lines. They have huge msrp for an average cigar. I would smoke if included in sampler or deals. Not a rebuy for msrp 4 5 1
Corona This one definitely lived up to its name. It seemed very simple but so tasty at the same time. Lots of sweet woodsy flavors to me 5 5 1
Corona I have to say this cigar is ok. It's not the best with flavors in my opinion. More mild than anything. 4 5 1
Corona This corona is about all I can afford to smoke as far as the cohiba Dominican goes. For that price I can have a padron! 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba Dominican is one greatly underated smoke. Thus is the one that gets you all warm and fuzzy inside 4 5 1
Corona Wonderful .cigar it is the standard of cigar lovers construction was awesome burn was even and not wonky flavors were robust and full in your face it says enjoy me i will buy again cigar band was glued perfectly 5 out of 5 stars 5 5 1
Corona I love the cohiba red dot in this size. What a great way to spend 45 minutes. 5 5 1
Corona Very very good cigar smooth burns even to the end I would love to have one of them for Thanksgiving with a beer 5 5 1
Corona Very flavorful cigar. Some draw issues. These are a smaller gage than I usually smoke. They smoke a litter hotter than my usual. If you rush this it can become bitter. The cap tends to collapse with my wet bite. I keeps these on hand for when I know my smoking time will be limited. 4 5 1
Corona The Cohiba Dominican Corona is a good tasting smoke which is the best size for the blend. Flavor develops as you smoke making for an enjoyable experience 4 5 1
Corona Loved it. ... smooth taste.... one of my go to cigars.... loved it. One of the very first cigars I ever smoked when I first tried smoking cigars.... that's why I think it's one of my favorites 5 5 1
Corona Excellently well made medium to full flavored Dominican cigar. Extremely smooth and creamy but with great rich flavors. 4 5 1
Corona This Cohiba is a great size with amazing draw and tons of smoke output. This is pricy but very much worth a try. 4 5 1
Corona Creamy smooth taste for this one it's another any occasion smoke but I would save it for something special. It's worth it. 5 5 1
Corona Top notch. A must smoke. Great flavor. Consistency is always great with the Cohiba name. Wrapper was beautiful and flawless. Draw was extremely smooth. Burned very even. 4 5 1
Corona One of my absolute favorite sticks! My friends and I call this stick the red dot because it's so good that once it's gone you see red dots of bliss. 5 5 1
Corona This is a great way to relax after a long day. This smoke won't over power you but still has enough kick to keep you occupied 5 5 1
Corona A regular tobacco tasting stick with earth notes and some wood in the back . For gfor some bbqs and relaxing Sundays 4 5 1
Corona Cigar with a great history and outstanding construction. This is one that is on my top ten list. History is in the cigar. 4 5 1
Corona My brother bought a box of these when his son was born. We smoke these every year on his birthday. It's nice having a rich brother! 5 5 1
Corona Cohiba Domitian corona is a really gem of a cigar and smoked this guy last weekend 5 5 1
Corona I should probably start by saying that I have never been disappointed with any Cohiba. This smoke is no different. Nice pepper and spicy flavors throughout. A favorite for sure! 5 5 1
Corona My favorite cigar. Mild and easy drawing. 5 5 1
Corona Excellent smoke and balance 5 5 1
Corona A Pleasant smoke. 4 5 1
Corona Came across this site and saw that they were advertising the Cohiba yellow banded red dot Dominican cigars, my favorite for the past 5yrs and hard to find anymore. Other sites had taken the cigars off their sites so I was excited and ordered 4 five packs for my humidor to have ready for spring. When I received my order, they had switched cigars to the red banded not as good cigars - bait and switch in my opinion - which I paid a higher price thinking I was getting the better smoke. First and last time buying from these guys, nothing against Cohiba brand cigars just this clown site. BTW - they were kind enough to remove the return label from my shipping order. 1 5 1
Corona This is a great stick! I had the robust. Perfect draw, like super perfect! No touch ups needed. I got a nice 35 minutes of enjoyment...faily fast burn. I will be buying morr 5 5 1
Corona I bought a bonus buy at Jr's and when the parcel arrived i was kind of disappointed by what I saw , they did not look like other cigars from Cohiba . I had to put them down for a week in one of the many humis that populate my house . After about 10 days , i smoked one and was very surprised how good of cigars this are. Now, the next day had another one and had the same experience ,good . Nice draw, good burn , nice amounts of smoke, since I bought them at a discount , a deep discount , did not expect or care much for the outcome ,turns out they are good and now I care . Will buy many more when in sale ,deep sale . The review takes in to account the deep discount ,at regular price are in MHO a 5, at a discount ,deep discount they turn in to a 8.5. 4 5 1
Corona Excellent quality and taste. Bit pricey. 5 5 1
Corona great flavor, good draw 5 5 1

Cohiba Red Dot

Corona 5.12 × 42 CDC

When it comes to high end, ultra-premium cigars, very few of them can match the overwhelming demand for Cohiba Red Dot Corona cigars. These top-selling, award-winning cigars are meticulously handcrafted in the Dominican Republic with a stunning, toothy, sweet tasting African Cameroon wrapper that surrounds an Indonesian binder, and three varieties of Cuban-seed Dominican long filler tobaccos. The slim 5.12 × 42 Corona format is the perfect size to fully capture its rich, medium bodied flavor profile of leather, coffee, cinnamon, caramel, and sweet spice. Smoker’s the world over has come to love the taste of Cohiba Red Dot Corona cigars, so order a box of 25 from JR Cigar, and become a believer.

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