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Throughout the years Flavored Cigars have become more popular than ever, especially with today’s contemporary smokers that have a tendency to enjoy less conventional blends. Whether it be machine made or premium handmade cigars, each of these flavored and infused cigar options feature a mix of premium tobaccos imbued with an assortment of delicious flavorings such as the coffee inspired Rocky Patel Java series, or exotic fruit seasonings found in the wildly popular Tatiana cigars. ACID cigars, the most exotic flavor infused brand on the market, was made famous for using herbs, rare botanicals, and exotic spices to create mouthwatering flavors and aromas that are truly unlike any other. Rum, Cognac, sweet honey along with dozens more, can be found on the many brands that we carry in our huge fully humidified warehouse. This includes old time domestic favorites such as Garcia y Vega, Swisher Sweets, and Phillies cigars that have joined this flavor infused cigar revolution. Most recently, highly rated brands like Perdomo, Camacho, and Quesada feature premium tobaccos that have been aged in whiskey, beer, bourbon, and rum barrels to provide the satisfaction of a good smoke with the room filling aroma and luxurious taste imparted by the essence of these classic spirits. Choose the best tasting cigars from our huge lineup of sweet cigars at JR Cigar. Here you can find the best flavored cigars for beginners, the ones that fit your taste profile, style, and budget, while resting assured that they are all sold for the best prices on the web!

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