3.607142857142857 56
Wood Tip Wine These are my go to quick smoke. Would tip regulars are awesome… But these are fantastic! Well-made and delicious. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine It is strange that I would rate a black and mind so high. It just brings back good memories as a kid in college. I do not buy them any more. I have moved on but if I am offered one I still enjoy it. The smell is the best quality it really has a fantastic smell. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine these bring me back to early highchool when you could go to the local gas station and buy a 2 pack for a dollar. being 13 years old smoking these 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Elegant! The finest of all fines! Ok just kidding. I have never been a fan of these aromatics but several people enjoy them as quick smokes. These are just not for me. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine the smell from them is wonderful to smell. I quit drinking so a hint of wine is nice for me. I am trying to cut back on cigs and smoke these as to smoke one of these is cutting back to only half pack of cigs a day. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine I used to smoke these when I was a teenager. not bad for what they are. And for a flavored cigar they're not a bad babg for the buck. 2 5 1
Wood Tip Wine This is a great pipe tobacco cigar. The wood tip imparts a slight added flavor to it. If you like pipe tobacco you will enjoy these. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Black and mild baby! What can I say you get what you pay for and this is a cheap and easy smoke perfect for driving or golfing. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine These smell good but the quality of cigar is not so great. I would choose another option if I were you 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Good draw the wine taste on wooden tip is not too bad burnt evenly. If you're looking for this to be a suitable replacement for a good stick though it won't do. But for a quick fix it will. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine I've tried these in the past. If you like good handrolled stogie these are not for you. Good at keeping the mosquitoes away 2 5 1
Wood Tip Wine These are my go to for Black and Mild's nice sweet deep flavor with a rich smoke for a cheaper cigar. Always very fresh buying from JR's. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Really? Black and Milds? I wouldn't really consider those real cigars but to each his own. There is no complexity or any sophisticated notes. 1 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Usually buy these because Im out of cigs between paychecks. They are not my first pick when I want to relax. 1 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Well I have smoked these very occasionally over the years. It's not as full tasting as the original. If you're looking to enjoy yourself pick a couple up snd have with some buddies. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Not a bad cigar in a pinch. Nothing I would smoke on the regular but it burned fine and tasted ok. It was enough to hold me over until I got another smoke 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Nothing special just your average mass produced cigar. Cheap and easily available but not the best 1 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Low quality cigarillos. On the same level as swishers. The wrap is non stick so cant use it to re roll a smoke 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine A good smoke for dogs yard work but that's about is i would recommend you save up and get some more primo smokes 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine As for machine makes go these aren't bad. Being made with pipe tobacco the flavor is decent 2 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Black and milds are good for the price. The flavor needs improving but the aroma is nice. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Cheap junk. No flavor. Avoid things you can buy at gas stations and find something a bit more enjoyable. 1 5 1
Wood Tip Wine For an inexpensive little cigar they're not bad the tips help keep the cigar dry. They have a nice scent as well 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Package 📦 and delivery in just three days with crisp bold tobacco fresh and all good 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Nasty smell and taste like Perfume. If you like the taste of perfume this cigar is for you. 2 5 1
Wood Tip Wine I like the wood tips. I think the wine is a good cheap cigar. It is my go to cigar. I buy the ten pack and throw them in the freezer. when I work in the garage on the weekend I smoke them. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine The flavor of wine woodtip is so refreshing and the only blacks are cracking 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine I just love the taste, the draw and more. What can I say, I have become a fan. This is the best way to buy them. Store prices vary, this price is best. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine 40 years of smoking Kools and never had an experience smoking that I really enjoy with wine woodtips 🙏🙏🙏 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Well some would at this is not a real cigar with that being said this cigar isn’t to bad. It has a nice flavor to it it burns well and stays lit. It’s a cheap way to have a cigar without feeling bad if you have to throw it out before you finish. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Great if you want to disguise your weed. Terrible if you want to smoke a quality cigarillos. Just a terrible gas station trash. 1 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Can’t believe I’m rating Black and Milds on a cigar site. That’s not to say I haven’t smoked my fair share of them cuz I have but still. A decent cigar (glorified cigarette) if you’re drinking and in a pinch. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine These are a pretty bad cigar in my opinion. Smell like urinal cakes. If you like good premium cigars these are not for you 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Very sweet tip with asubtle sweet aroma. Smoke is sweet mildly red tasting but overall just average cigar. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Im not a fan of the flavor at all but as a young 18 year old sitting around a bonfire its not the worst choice 2 5 1
Wood Tip Wine These taste the same from cigar to cigar. These make great flavored smokes when you are on a time crunch. These do taste as advertised and they are very affordable 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine I mean this is where it all started. Nice easy draw solid taste and always burned even. Can't complain. Still reminds me of my teenage years when I catch a whiff 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Not bad for a very quick smoke. Decent fast and burns ok. Not bad for the type of cigar. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Wine This is hardly a cigar it's pipe tobacco wrapped in cardboard u hate the wine flavor and the tip thing us off putting the wood tip is better then the plastic 1 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Believe it or not I find these worse than Swishers. I'm hard pressed to even call this a cigar 1 5 1
Wood Tip Wine This black and mild really wasn't my thing it did have a pretty good aroma but that where the good news ended for me 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine A pleasure working with staff and the honest response to my concerns. T U Raymond 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine I prefer the wood over plastic tip. They are a little more but woth it. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine It’s a good flavored smoke that burns evenly when I don’t want to smoke a nice cigar 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Fast delivery great smell and taste 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Taste great! 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Quality mini cigars. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Love these cigars 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Always good deals. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine enjoy the flavor 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Good quick relaxing smoke. Nothing fancy but very good for a quicker smoke. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine My favorite at an unbeatable price! 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine I enjoy black and mild wine cigars 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine To whom it may concern Man, I love these black and mild wooden tips wine flavor cigars can’t be without right now thank you for having them I’ll be purchasing more soon the flavor, the smell, and the taste OMG. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Wine The smell , smooth taste are great and black &mild have gotten a little better with the quality. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Wine Fine, quick smoke. Good quality tobacco, great taste.. 5 5 1

Black & Mild Cigars

Wood Tip Wine 5 × 29 MIBWWT

One of the best-selling little pipe tobacco cigars in the world, Black & Mild has been satisfying smokers for generations. Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobaccos are infused with sweet, and warm, red wine to create the Black & Mild Wood Tip Wine cigars. Sold in 10 packs of 5 (50 total), these flavorful 5 x29 smokes offer all the enjoyment of smoking a pipe without the cleaning, scraping, filling, and tamping!
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Pipe Tobacco

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10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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