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With Black & Mild Cigars, you can savor all the joys of a classic pipe experience without all the fuss and mess that comes with smoking a pipe. Introduced to the market in 1980, Black & Mild Cigars have quickly become one of the most popular machine-made cigar brands on the planet, and chances are you have enjoyed a Black & Mild cigar at some point in your life.

Black & Mild Cigars are made by John Middleton Co., a famous name in the pipe tobacco world. John Middleton Co. was formed way back in 1856 Philadelphia as a small tobacco shop, named after its founder John Middleton. Middleton was more than just a tobacco broker and salesman, he loved experimenting with tobaccos and tobacco blends.

Noticing that many tobacco enthusiasts enjoyed the aromas and flavors of pipe tobaccos but not all the work that comes with smoking a pipe, John Middleton Co. had the revolutionary idea to make a cigar with pipe tobaccos. Yet, this venture was not without its challenges, and countless experiments were performed before the idea came to fruition.

With the finishing touch of a plastic or wooden mouthpiece affixed to the cap of each cigar, Black and Mild Cigars took off in popularity with pipe and cigar smokers alike, and quickly spread throughout the country. By the late 1990s, Black & Mild Cigars became one of the most best-selling brands on the market, leading to tobacco giant Altria buying John Middleton Co. in 2007 for a whopping $2.9 billion!

Black & Mild Cigars remain an exceptionally popular choice among both cigar and pipe enthusiasts with a presence in retailers across the country and a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Each Black & Mild is flawlessly machine rolled into a slender 5x30 cigarillo size, and either a wooden or plastic pipe tip attached to the cap to emulate the mouthfeel of a classic tobacco pipe.

To enjoy the classic and sweet flavor that made Black & Mild Cigars famous, the Original with a plastic tip is the blend to choose. The sweet and floral aroma from the Cavendish and Burley tobaccos shine through with every puff, providing a traditional pipe smoking experience without the work of packing, tamping, and nursing a pipe.

Black & Mild Cigars Wine Wood Tip is another exceptionally good blend enjoyed by aficionados across the country. Using a wooden tip rather than the classic plastic, Wine Wood Tip more closely resembles the feel of a classic wooden pipe, joined by the savory fruitiness and sweetness of red wine. The wooden tip also picks up some of the wine flavors, adding another dimension to the smoking experience.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, Black & Mild Cigars’ Cherry Blend and Apple will be right up your alley. These tasty little morsels infuse the sweetness and brightness of cherry and apple into each puff, adding to the layers of flavor from the aromas of the Burley and Cavendish.

For a smoother, creamier experience that can be enjoyed at any time of day, Black & Mild Cigars’ Select and Cream are certain to please your palate with their easy-going flavors.

Available in 10 packs of 5 or in upright boxes of 25, you can find whatever Black and Mild Cigars you are looking for right here at JR Cigar.

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