Black & Mild Wood Tip Cigars

December 4, 2019

Black & Mild Wood Tip Cigars

Going on the assumption that not every enthusiast needs a premium handmade cigar to provide smoking enjoyment, we chose the machine-made Middleton’s Black & Mild Wood Tip cigars to feature in this blog.

Founded in 1856, the John Middleton Company started out by making some the world’s finest pipe tobacco blends that include Black & Mild, Carter Hall, Cherry Blend, Prince Albert, in a variety of flavors,  and many more. Then, in 1980, the company converted many of these luscious American pipe tobaccos into the form of a  small tipped cigar in both plastic and this wood tipped variety.

Black & Mild Wood Tip cigars include the subtle vanilla taste of the Original line, along with Wine,  Jazz, Casino, and Sweets, a slightly sweeter version of the Original, with more prominent notes of vanilla.

As the name wood imply  Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobaccos are infused with sweet, and warm red wine to create the Black & Mild Wood Tip Wine cigars, while Jazz brings rich nuances of cocoa, cream, and hickory wood to the palate.

The Casino blend is oozing with rich flavors of nuts, sweet tobacco, and hints of chocolate and brown sugar. One of the top chocolate Black and Milds.

Every blend in the lineup consists of a homogenized cigar leaf for the wrapper and binder,  with various top-quality Middleton pipe tobaccos for the fillers.

Why wood tips? Because the Middleton Company feels it provides the closest experience to smoking a pipe.

The full line of Black & Mild cigars bridges the gap between cigar and pipe smoking satisfaction, and offer a quick and flavorful break from your busy day!

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