Cigar smoking is an age-old tradition that began as a simple tribal ritual and evolved into a worldwide phenomenon.

Cigars with interesting backstories: Alec Bradley Magic Toast

Born from unlikely inspiration on a dark night in a Honduran tobacco field, discover how the rich and complex Alec Bradley Magic Toast cigar got its name. Read More

An homage to Oliva Serie V Cigars

JR explores the fantastic flavors of Oliva Serie V, this famous smoke has been reincarnated into some spectacular exclusives only available at JR Cigars Read More

The cigar legacy of Martin Luther King

Discover how you can celebrate the life and legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King and how the tobacco industry opened his eyes to racial equality. Read More

The History of Arturo Fuente

Fuente is one of the best-selling cigars in the world. Now, while the founder of the brand was born in Cuba, the brand itself was in fact brought to life right here in the USA. Read More

The Tobacco Plant Explained

The history of tobacco leaves and other parts of the plants spans over 500 years, yet how familiar are we with the history and anatomy of the tobacco plant? Read More

JR Cigar’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

JR Cigar officially opened for business in 1971 and from there, took the world by storm. Take a look at the history of JR Cigar to discover more. Read More

Story Behind Davidoff Small Batch Cigars

We sat down with Klaas Kelner of Davidoff Cigars to review their newest release, the Davidoff Small Batch. Stop by JR Cigars and get their Small Batch today! Read More

Nat Sherman: One of the Most Famous Names in Premium Cigars

Nat Sherman Cigars goes all the way back to New York City circa 1930. Nat Sherman started his luxury cigar and cigarette business located at right in the heart of bustling Manhattan. Read More

The History of Cigars: When Were Cigars Invented?

The history of cigars is fascinating, layered, and complex. Find out everything you need to know about the rich origins of cigars with JR Cigars. Read More

A Brief History of the World-Famous Montecristo No. 2 Cigar

Montecristo No. 2 cigar is one of the original sizes in the Montecristo portfolio. The No. 2 was created in Cuba and became the most popular of all the sizes. Read More


When it comes to major Nicaraguan brand, usually three names come to mind. Padron, Drew Estate, and Oliva Read More

Drew Estate

Drew Estate has become a juggernaut in the cigar industry. From selling their cigars in the streets of NYC to being the most decorative company in the world. Read More

The History of Cigars: From Ancient Times to the Modern Humidor

Cigar smokers today can choose from a vast selection of premium cigars sourced from all over the world. However, it has taken more than 1,000 years for cigars to evolve to where they are today. Here’s what you should know … Read More

The History of Arturo Fuente: Part 2

In 1958, Carlos Fuente Sr. bought A. Fuente & Co. from his father for one dollar. Carlos was very ambitious and sought to spread the Fuente name throughout the country. However, more problems were on the horizon. Once … Read More

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