5 Celebrities Who Made Cigar Smoking Aspirational

Celebrities attract huge followings because people aspire to be something bigger or better. In many cases, the image portrayed by a famous or powerful person is the key characteristic people want to replicate. The mighty cigar is a prop that … Read More

25 Best Cigars and Cigar Flavor Profiles to Smoke: Padron, Oliva, Cohiba, Montecristo, and More

Whether you are a new cigar smoker or you have a packed humidor and just want a few new flavors, here’s a great list of some of the best cigars to smoke. Best Cigars with Coffee Tabak Especial Robusto … Read More

The 7 Main Countries for Fine Cigars

When you think about a premium cigar, your first thoughts might be about Cuba, and for good reason. However, there are many other countries that produce fine cigars that rival the Cuban experience. Here are the seven main countries for … Read More

Coming Soon – The Hot New Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 Cigar!

Just making its debut at the 2018 IPCPR trade show, Nicholas Melillo’s Foundation Cigar Company has unveiled one of its most anticipated releases with the Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 line of premium handmade cigars. The Foundation Cigar Co. headquarters … Read More

The Gentleman’s Guide to Smoking a Fine Cigar

Some of the most talented and renowned gentlemen in the world enjoyed a lifelong relationship with their cigars. So much so, the enduring image of these men still features a cigar hanging from their mouth. Sir Winston Churchill, Groucho Marx, … Read More

The History of Cigars: From Ancient Times to the Modern Humidor

Cigar smokers today can choose from a vast selection of premium cigars sourced from all over the world. However, it has taken more than 1,000 years for cigars to evolve to where they are today. Here’s what you should know … Read More

IPCPR: Rock Patel – Tavicusa

The 2018 IPCPR Tradeshow was a big showing for Rocky Patel.  He showcased several new releases including two new cigars in his Hamlet line and the return of the fan favorite known as the Old World Reserve.  However, there … Read More

IPCPR: AJ Fernandez – Bellas Artes Maduro

AJ Fernandez has been quite busy the past few years.  Not only does he have his own, name brand cigars, he has been doing a massive amount of work for other manufacturers as well.  He has several new releases with … Read More

IPCPR: My Father – La Gran Oferta

The 2018 IPCPR trade show showcased more new cigars than I can even keep track of.  So far, this has been one of the best years in recent memory for cigar releases.  From the new Liga Privada lines to the … Read More

IPCPR: The Crowned Heads – Court Reserve XVIII

Since 2011, Jon Huber and his team at the Crowned Heads have dazzled us with innovative cigars, enticing blends and a retro, Americana theme.  Each one of their releases, from their first cigar, the Four Kicks, to their … Read More

IPCPR: Drew Estate – Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo

10 years ago, Drew Estate bestowed upon the cigar world one of the most popular and highest rated cigars in history.  The Liga Privada is no longer just a cigar line, but a brand name on its own.  … Read More

Top Cigar Releases From IPCPR 2018

I have been to several IPCPR tradeshows over my time in the cigar industry.  In the past few, it seemed to be entering a dark period.  With FDA Regulations looming, there was a dark cloud cast over the show.  Attendance … Read More

Joya de Nicaragua Clasico

Being not only the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua but one of the oldest in the world, it is safe to say that Joya de Nicaragua is among the most knowledgeable and distinguished cigar manufacturers in the industry.  They … Read More

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua – An Awesome New Cigar!

Hot off the rolling table, the core Romeo y Julieta 1875 brand by Altadis U.S.A. now has a Nicaraguan cousin and it’s made by the famous Plasencia Cigars in Nicaragua. This is not the first time that Altadis … Read More

5 Things You Won’t Find Real Cigar Smokers Doing

Whether you’re new to smoking cigars or consider yourself a cigar aficionado, there are a few things that you won’t find real cigar smokers doing – and most are for good reason. Here are the top five to be aware … Read More

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