A Brief History of the Zippo Lighter

The famous Zippo Lighter originated in 1932 in Bradford, a small Pennsylvania town at a time when the United States was suffering its worst depression in history. It all started on a summer evening in 1932, at a dinner … Read More

The Big Game and Gars!

The first Sunday in February is just a few days away, and I never miss the big game, even when my beloved Giants aren’t involved. This year is going to be exciting because the Carolina Panthers play in the same … Read More

The Gurkha Jeep Sweepstakes!

Gurkha Cigars is a brand steeped in legend and history, and considered one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. Crafted with extraordinary quality, every Gurkha cigar uses … Read More

Henry Clay – A Brief History, And a Great NEW Cigar!

The Cuban tobacco magnate Julian Alvarez, first created the Henry Clay Cigar brand in the 1840s. Named for the famous American politician by the same name, these cigars, made in Old Havana, were one of the most popular … Read More

The NEW Room 101 Fudo Myoo

Matt Booth the Los Angeles musician, former marine, and current jewelry designer turned master cigar blender, commandeers the enormously popular Room 101 marque, a luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge. Starting his stogy career in … Read More

The New J. Fuego Sangre de Toro Cigars

Jesus Fuego a fifth generation cigar master comes from a famous family that has been in the business of growing, blending, and rolling cigars in Havana since 1876. the family migrated to Central America in 1995, and in 2006, after … Read More


Anyone familiar with the premium cigar world will recognize the name Christian Eiora. Still a very young man, Mr.Eiora has spent his entire professional career exclusively in the tobacco and cigar business. He garnered his initial fame when he became … Read More

The Fourth Annual Smokin’ in the Carolinas Event Preview

What started out as a way to thank our customers by offering them an awesome event to celebrate cigar smoking in the great state of North Carolina, has turned into a much-anticipated yearly tradition. We never dreamed how huge Smokin’ … Read More

Playoff Football and Cigars- The Perfect Combination!

Smoking cigars and watching football goes hand in hand and the Big Game is an excellent excuse to splurge on your favorite premium smokes. For some it’s also time to think up some lame excuse why you won’t be accompanying … Read More

A Modern Spin On An Old Classic – The NEW Bolivar Heritage Cigars!

Foundry Tobacco Company headed by Michael Giannini is a branch of the famous General Cigar Company that has built its reputation releasing a plethora of small batch, limited edition, and limited production cigars in the past few years. Giannini … Read More

The “HOT” New Excalibur Forge!

The famous Hoyo de Monterrey Company has combined centuries of world-class cigar making with extensive aging to create a smoother product in the name of Excalibur Cigars. For many decades, this brand has been a huge hit among smokers looking … Read More

Some Great Last Minute Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

By now you probably thought you had your whole Christmas shopping list covered – in fact, you even checked it twice! Then you find out that crazy “Cigar Chompin” Uncle Patsy made a last minute decision to join you this … Read More

Cigar Aficionado Top 25 of 2015 – #1

Well today is the day we learn what has been listed as the best Cigar of 2015. We have already seen fan favorites such as Drew Estate, Rocky Patel, Padron, and Arturo Fuente all receive rankings in the Top 10. Read More

Cigar Aficionado Top 25 of 2015 – #3, #2

We are coming down to the wire here folks. So far we have seen some old favorites show up on this list including Liga Privada, Padron and Fuente. Il admit, today I was shocked yet pleased by a very surprising … Read More

Cigar Aficionado Top 25 of 2015 – #5, #4

The countdown has begun and we have already seen some of the best cigars of the year being ranked. Rocky Patel, Illusione, and Liga Privada have been named in the top 10, and we have several more to go. Today, … Read More

Cigar Aficionado Top 25 of 2015 – #7, #6

Today we look at the next round in Cigar Aficionados Top 25 Cigars of the Year. Every Day for the next week, cigar lovers will be on the “edge” of their seats to see who places in the top of … Read More

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