JR Interviews: Carlos Padron of Tank Brewery

July 16, 2021

JR Interview: Carlos Padron of Tank Brewery

Nick and Greg’s first stop, when they went to Miami, was at the new hidden gem in South Florida called the Tank Brewery. Nick had the opportunity to sit down with the founder of Tank Brewery, Mr. Carlos Padron (no relation to Padron Cigars).

We go in-depth with Carlos about the types of beers they have on tap when Tank first opened, and future plans for the brewery. Watch the full interview above and we hope you enjoy!

History of Tank Brewery

Opening in 1995, Tank Brewery and Nestor Plasencia Sr. of Plasencia Cigars collaborated in an effort to do something both beer and cigar lovers have never seen before!

The combination of cigars and beer has been a lifelong pairing for both lovers of each product. So, Plasencia Sr.  and Padron decided to make a small cigar shop that would be at the entrance of the brewery.

Padron stated he wanted to combine both worlds so cigar lovers could be educated on craft beer and vice versa. With both elements added to the brewery, Padron and Plasencia figured this would attract new faces to a new world they’ve never seen and boy were they right!


Operations of Brewing Beer at Tank

With all of their product brew in-house, Carlos Padron and Tank Brewing have only begun to hit the ground running with shipping their beer out of state. Although they regularly ship to major counties all over Florida, Tank has started to ship to Panama and Chile this year. That’s pretty impressive considering they didn’t start distribution and canning their product until 2017!

Much like a master blender in the cigar world, Tank has their very own “chemist” in a lab who’s perfecting beers and constantly taste-testing new blends. Their head brewer of operations will consistently work on 15 barrels that are roughly a six to eight-hour process for each barrel.


Featured Beers at Tank Brewery

With upwards of sixteen beers on tap, Nick, alongside Carlos, had the pleasure of sampling their top four beers that consumers absolutely love!

First Nick tried the “Lo-Ca”. Short for “low calories, the Lo-Ca is a tropical blonde ale with only 94 calories, 3 grams of carbs, and 4.2% alcohol. The Lo-Ca is for those craft beer fans who enjoy a tropical, flavorful blonde ale that is a perfect drink for the hot summer days Miami consistently provides.

Next up, Nick and Carlos enjoyed the “Playita”. Translating to “little beach”, Playita is a delicious Pilsner beer that adopted the traditional German-style brewing, all while mixing modern day American craftsmanship and innovation.

After Playita, Nick tried the most popular beer at the brewery called “Freedom Tower”. This scrumptious Amber Ale pays homage to Miami’s most recognizable landmark, Freedom Tower represents the Cuban community for those who came here to start fresh. Also noted as “Miami’s Ellis Island”, Freedom Tower will forever have deep ties to the Miami community.

Last but not least, Nick tried one of the companies only IPA beers, the “El Farito”. This is another beer that pays to a South Florida monument. The Cape Florida lighthouse in Key Biscayne is better known as “El Farito” to the local community. This intense hoppy beer has delicious tropical and citrus flavor notes from beginning to end.

To find out more about Tank Brewing’s extensive collection, visit here! 

Future Plans for Tank Brewery

With the world getting back to some sort of normalcy, Carlos Padron has plans to implement a kitchen within the building. That would just add it to another level and allure of a brewery/cigar lounge theme that we all need and love.

Other than that, Carlos has big visions for what Tank brewery can achieve. Seating roughly 600 people, Carlos Padron sees events such as corporate parties, wedding parties, or even hosting fantasy sporting events could utilize the greatness that is the Tank Brewing Co.

Check out the full interview of Nick Libretti and Carlos Padron above and we hope you enjoy!


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