JR Interviews: Bradley Rubin of Alec & Bradley Cigars

July 22, 2021

Bradley Rubin of Alec & Bradley Cigars

When Nick and Greg visited Miami back in late June, they visited the headquarters of Alec Bradley Cigars. After the tour, Nick Libretti ended up sitting down with Bradley Rubin to chat about the brand new JR 50th release, the Alec & Bradley Wagyu A5+.

When Nick approached Alec and Bradley Rubin about collaborating for a 50th cigar, Bradley stated that they wanted to make something very special and extraordinary for Nick to enjoy. But not only for Nick to enjoy on his own. Bradley wanted to make sure JR’s loyal customers can enjoy this special cigar from a company that is devoted to customer appreciation.

The inspiration behind the Wagyu A5+ was birthed by the love of good Steak that Bradley and Nick share. Wagyu is a very high-end beef that is very common in Japan, but rare here in the United States. The cigar box features a knife as well as an outline of a cow that’s a popular image at a butcher shop. Nick wanted the Wagyu to taste “beefy” and the Rubin brothers did just that when they made the Alec & Bradley Wagyu A5+.

To find out more about Alec and Bradley cigars, such as the delicious Kintsugi that came out in 2020, you can watch the full interview with Bradley Rubin in the video above. We hope you enjoy!

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