The Cuban: Miracle or Myth?

In February of 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed into law an embargo of all things Cuban, including cigars. And thus began the the 64 year ban on the most desired product in the cigar universe – the Cuban. The … Read More

You Don’t Need Cuban Cigars for a Memorable Smoking Experience

Cuba is widely regarded as the cigar capital of the world. The island nation’s climate, topography and skilled workforce combine to create truly magnificent products. Unfortunately, however, a trade embargo originally signed into law by President John F. Kennedy is … Read More

The Allure of Cuban Cigars

For decades the image of lighting up a Cuban has invoked feelings of luxury and the ultimate experience of enjoying a cigar. The Cuban is sexy and an emblem of wealth and status enjoyed only by elites. Hard to find … Read More

Cuban Cigar Alternatives: Flavor Only Rivaled by the Real Thing

There is a certain mystique when it comes to the Cuban cigar and years ago, it was considered the best in the world due to Cuba being the quintessential pioneer in the industry. Since 1962 with the Cuba sanctions and … Read More

The Difference between a Cuban Romeo y Julieta Cigar and Dominican Romeo y Julieta Cigar

When it comes to the history of Cuban cigars, the legacy of the Cuban Romeo y Julieta carries with it notions of quality, craftsmanship, and tradition.  It is regarded among Habanos cigar smokers worldwide as one of the finest cigars … Read More

The Difference between a Cuban Cohiba Cigar and Dominican Cohiba Cigar

When thinking of Cuban cigars, there is one name that pops into the head of all seasoned Habanos cigar smokers. That name is Cohiba.  For half a century, Cuban Cohibas have been among the highest rated and most revered Cuban … Read More

The Difference between a Cuban Montecristo Cigar and Dominican Montecristo Cigar

Very few luxury cigar brands in the world carry the weight of the Cuban Montecristo.  They are in the top tier along with Rolex and Bentley.  Montecristo has become one of the best Cuban cigars on the market, being sold … Read More

Preparing Habano Leaves at the Factory

Once the leaves are properly cured and aged, having reached as perfect a state for smoking as any tobacco plant could, the tried and true method of making a Habano (Havana cigar) begins. This time-honored craft is conducted … Read More

Crafting Cigar Boxes & Bands

The origin of cigar bands is suffused with a rich mythos. One story posits that the paper bands were first used on Habanos (Havana cigars) exported to England since gentlemen of the day were reticent to stain their … Read More

Cuban Tobacco and Habanos Term Glossary

When it comes to speaking the language of Habanos (Havana cigars), the words are as romantic as they are foreign. Perilla, fortaleza, capa — even the basic jargon evokes a frisson of excitement, calling to mind swaying palm … Read More

How a Habano is Crafted

All Habanos are totally handmade cigars. Only highly skilled and masterfully trained cigar rollers called torcedores and torcedoras interact with the individual parts of a Habano (Havana cigar), especially when it comes time to assemble the beautifully aged … Read More

The Shapes & Sizes of Habanos

When deciding which cigar to smoke for a specific occasion, size and shape are important considerations. Perhaps you’re enjoying a Habano (Havana cigar) in a business meeting or inside your favorite cigar lounge during a lunch break. The … Read More

The Story Of La Gloria Cubana

When you smoke the famed La Gloria Cubana, you truly are enjoying the “Glory of Cuba”. Among the big Cuban cigar brands, La Gloria should be seen as more of a boutique brand. It is rolled … Read More

Hoyo de Monterrey Habanos

For over 100 years, the name Hoyo de Monterrey has become synonymous with elegance, tradition, and quality. It is one of the oldest cigar brands in existence and has since been known as a lasting member in the … Read More

Romeo y Julieta Habanos

The medium flavored Romeo y Julieta cigar has been on the market for 140 years. This Habano allows adult enthusiasts a way of traveling back in time to experience the creamy, earthy flavor with just a hint of … Read More

Montecristo Habanos

A Legendary Beginning The Montecristo brand name dates back to July 1935 when its creator, Alonso Menéndez, a wealthy Spaniard who arrived to Cuba in the early 1930s, bought the Particulares Factory in La Habana. Menéndez chose the … Read More

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