Top 5 Cigars for a Brewery

September 27, 2023

A brewery is a great place to go to share a couple of beers with good friends and create memories together. Pairing those beers with some of the best cigars would only enhance the experience! Here are our top 5 recommendations for cigars to enjoy with your friends at a brewery

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Crowned Heads CHC Serie E Sublime

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 6.50

Ring: 54

Strength: Medium-Full

Smoke Time: 80 Minutes

Next time you decide to kick back and relax at a brewery, the first cigar that we would recommend comes from industry juggernaut Crowned Heads! The Crowned Heads CHC Serie E makes for a great selection for a great medium-plus bodied smoking experience.

This cigar was crafted at the Tabacalera Pichardo factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Crowned Heads draws inspiration from music with this blend. The Serie E is also a follow-up release to the Crowned Heads Court Reserve XVIII, another music-inspired cigar. The Serie E pays respect to the guitar solo of Eddie Van Halen from the song “Eruption”

This cigar would be paired very well with a beer that has a heavy kick to it to complement the heavy flavors associated with it. Notes from this blend include Rich earthiness, leather, spice, and pepper.

Eiroa First 20 Years Colorado

Country of Origin: Honduras

Wrapper: Honduras

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras

Length: 6

Ring: 46

Strength: Medium

Smoke Time: 80 Minutes

The next cigar on our list comes from Christian Eiroa. As the name of this blend entails, the Eiroa First 20 Years Colorado is a commemoration of Eiroa’s 20th year in the cigar industry. In 2016 he released “The First 20 Years” and then in 2017 he followed up by making the Colorado extension to the brand which used a 5+ year aged Corojo leaf.

The First 20 Years Colorado is a Honduran puro and is widely regarded as one of the most balanced cigars in Eiroa’s resume. This cigar is paired well with IPA or lager.

This blend’s flavor notes are consistent with earth, pepper, cocoa, oak, and cream. This cigar is available in packs of 20 and can be purchased at JR Cigar now.

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Joya de Nicaragua Antano Connecticut

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper:  Ecuador Connecticut

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 5

Ring: 52

Strength: Medium-Full

Smoke Time: 100 Minutes

Next up, we have an exquisite blend from Joya De Nicaragua. The Joya De Nicaragua Antano Connecticut are the first cigars within the Joya line to incorporate an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Definitely one of the stronger cigars on the market!

The Antano Connecticut was produced in the Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A. Factory in Esteli Nicaragua. This cigar pairs well with a light or sweet lager.

The rich flavor notes of this blend consist of bread, tree bark, leather, pepper, and creamy sweetness. Truly a huge hit with seasoned cigar aficionados who thoroughly enjoy cigars that pack a punch. This cigar is available in packs of 20 and can be purchased at JR Cigar now.

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Havoc by AJ Fernandez

Country of Origin: Nicaragua             

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 6.50

Ring: 52

Strength: Medium – Full

Smoke Time:  92 Minutes

Coming from the industry powerhouse AJ Fernandez, the next cigar we recommend for your next brewery visit is the Havoc. The Havoc by AJ Fernandez is a Nicaraguan Puro that was made exclusively for JR Cigar.

One unique calling card to the Havoc is the fact that it is the first cigar on the market to come in packs of 11. The significance of the number 11 refers to the time of gladiators. During this period, if a gladiator won 11 battles, they would get to gloriously retire to a luxurious way of life. The band of the cigar has a sword to help encapsulate the gladiatorial feel.

This medium-full bodied smoke has flavor notes of spice, coffee, cinnamon, leather, and earthy sweetness. This cigar is available in packs of 11 and can be purchased at JR Cigar now.

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Casa Magna Liga F

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuador Sun Grown

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Length: 7

Ring: 50

Strength: Full

Smoke Time: 120 Minutes

The last cigar that we’d recommend in a brewery setting comes from the Casa Magna line of cigars. The line had multiple extensions throughout the years and in 2021 the Casa Magna Liga F was introduced. This cigar was produced in the Dominican Republic at the Tabacos de Exportacion factory.

The F in “Liga F” is an abbreviation for Fuerte which is a fitting title because of its full-bodied nature. This blend uses tobacco from Ecuador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Aside from any sour brews, this cigar could be paired well with a wide variety of beers.

The flavor notes that you could expect from the Casa Magna Liga F are consistent with chocolate, raisins, nuts, leather, hay, and dark roast coffee.

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  1. Tony C says:

    I have never tried matching booze and cigars before but I think I’ll give it a try

  2. Jeff says:

    After listening to your descriptions, I wonder when I would EAT one? They sound DELICIOUS. 🤣👍

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