Havoc by AJ Fernandez is a four vitola line of premium cigars produced by one of the most notable and highly successful cigarmakers in the world today. Made exclusively for JR Cigar, Havoc displays AJ’s love for Nicaraguan tobacco by obtaining only the highest-quality leaves grown his family estates throughout the country. The concept behind Havoc cigars dates back many thousands of years back to the Gladiator era. Some of the fiercest warriors throughout history, Gladiators fought with reckless abandon and a legendary ferocity that was necessary to survive. While they were some of the most daring and ruthless warriors, they rarely survived for longer than 10 battles. Legend has it that if a gladiator was able to survive and win 11 fights he would get to retire to a life of opulence and luxury. Therefore the 11th cigar in the box was made to symbolize Havoc’s luxurious medium-to-full bodied flavor profile of earth, leather, spice, cinnamon, and dark roast coffee. Whether you are a well-seasoned cigar warrior, or a newcomer looking to move up a few notches in strength, buy a box of Havoc cigars today, then retire to your favorite comfy chair and enjoy a decadent smoke that’s fit for a retired gladiator.
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