A Smoking Pipe is a Great Gift Idea for the Holidays

December 5, 2019

A Smoking Pipe is a Great Gift Idea for the Holidays

Here at JR Cigar, we also carry a large selection of smoking pipes that will make the perfect gift for that pipe enthusiast on your holiday shopping list. Many cigar smokers also enjoy the occasional pipe smoking session, so it may behoove you to do a little snooping around, and get them a gift that they weren’t expecting. Let’s take a close- up look at some of the pipes that we carry, so you can make an educated choice if you decide to present a pipe to that special someone for Christmas or Chanukah.

Peterson Pipes

Peterson Pipes have been smoked and enjoyed by discriminating pipe fans the world over. The company was founded in the mid-1860s  when ambitious, and highly talented pipe maker Charles Peterson joined forces with a small Dublin tobacco shop owned by two brothers named Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp.

Together they created stylish and well-constructed pipes using the best Mediterranean briar that’s been aged for no less than 50-years. Not only is a Peterson pipe beautifully made, cool smoking,  and flavorful, it’s also one the most highly collectible pipe brands on the market.

Rossi Pipes

In pre-WWII days, Rossi was the largest pipe manufacturer in the entire world. Today, this Italian based company is in a crowded field of competitors but remains a top choice among serious pipe enthusiasts.

This company’s timeless commitment to quality, expert craftsmanship,  and classic design, still provides some of the best looking, and coolest smoking pipes around, all for a very affordable price.

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James Norman Pipes

James Norman Pipes are expertly hand-carved in Italy in popular classic bowl shapes with your choice of straight or curved stems, in a variety of finishes including smooth and sandblasted.

Known for their beauty of the grain and excellent smoking qualities, every distinct shape in the  James Norman lineup is light in the hand, comfortable in the mouth, and made with the same expert craftsmanship as pipes costing twice as much.

Drew Estate Pipe Collection by Tsuge

Widely known for its highly acclaimed portfolio of premium cigars, Drew Estate has teamed up with the master pipe craftsmen of Tsuge to create this artisanal collection of unique smoking pipes.

Tsuge, a brand made famous in Japan,  is also known throughout the world for creating luxurious smoking pipes with unparalleled style, artful design,  and exceptional smoking performance since 1936. With its distinct shapes and beautiful craftsmanship, Tsuge Pipes really stand out from the crowd!

While you’re here, why not have a look at our selection of pipe cleaners, and pipe tools, as they are necessary accessories for every pipe smoker, along with being a very thoughtful and great add-on gift!


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