JR Pure Origin Terra de Andes Cigar Review

November 1, 2023

The JR Pure Origin series launched in September of 2022 aiming to explore the origins of the world’s finest and rarest tobaccos. The inaugural entry, Gran Vulcano, explored the exceptionally rich tobaccos grown on the volcanic island Ometepe, situated at the heart of Lake Nicaragua. Born from two volcanos, Ometepe’s volcanic, fertile soils yield cigar tobaccos with a taste unlike anything else in the world.

For the next entry into the JR Pure Origin series, attention is turned to the longest mountain range in the western hemisphere: The Andes Mountains. Stretching from Venezuela all the way down to Argentina, the Andes boast some of the tallest mountains and volcanos in the world, and Peru was a cradle to some of the world’s oldest civilizations.

The Andes are the birthplace of not only some of the world’s first civilizations, but they are also the origin of tobacco itself. JR Pure Origin Terra de Andes pays homage to the birthplace of tobacco with a blend chock full of tobacco from the Central Andes. The unique microclimate of the Peruvian Andes produces rich and zesty tobacco with unique flavors.

Crafted at Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez into three sizes, JR Pure Origin Terra de Andes boasts aged Peruvian and Nicaraguan long-fillers tucked into an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

I thoroughly enjoyed the JR Pure Origin Gran Vulcano, so I am exceptionally excited to see how Terra de Andes expresses the unique tobaccos from Peru and Ecuador. Without any further ado, let’s dive in and take a deeper look at how the JR Pure Origin Terra de Andes performs!

Cigar Specs

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Filler: Peruvian/Nicaraguan

Cigar Strength: Medium-Full

Sizes Available:

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Cold Draw Impressions

Before going in to clip the cap and take some cold draws, I take a moment to admire the gorgeous reddish-brown wrapper. It has a slightly oily sheen to it, and closer inspection reveals a bit of fine tooth. I also cannot help but admire the unique metallic green bands. They are understated and do not draw attention away from the wrapper, but a closer look reveals a sketch of the Andes on the secondary band.

The foot has some rich aromas of leather and barnyard with undertones of earth, cocoa, and hints of sweetness, while aromas from the wrapper have a more floral quality to them. Delivering two V-cuts to the cap reveals a smooth, open draw with flavors of earth, spices, sweetness, and leather. Time to toast the foot and get this beautiful cigar going!

First Third Impressions

From the first couple of puffs, I get a medley of complex flavors. Leather and baking spices take the lead, with cedar, tobacco sweetness, earth, and roasted nuts layered underneath that have a dimension of creaminess. A few more puffs in and pepper enters the party, melding with the spices without being overwhelming.

Retrohales reveal a deeper pepper aroma, accompanied by some tingling through my sinuses. I also get a bit more of the earthiness and cream, complementing the pepper I pick up on retrohales. As the smoke progresses, the pepper seems to be cycling with the earth, leather, and baking spices for the top spot, but they take turns amicably, which adds to the complexity as the different flavors take turns.

The burn line so far is right on target, having very little lean to one side or the other. The open draw also delivers mouthfuls of smoke with every puff, making for a satisfyingly rich experience. So far, the body is fairly bold, hovering just over medium-bodied and just shy of medium-full bodied.

Jrt Pure Origin Terra de Andes Cigar Review

Second Third Impressions

Coming into the second third, bittersweet chocolate begins to appear in the profile, joining the baking spices and earth as the leading flavors. The pepper also melds together with leather, roasted nuts, and hints of creaminess to make for an exceptionally complex profile.

Retrohales continue to bring the zesty pepper to the forefront, but it is also joined by bittersweet chocolate and creaminess for a unique experience. Lingering on the palate is a mixture of bittersweet chocolate and creaminess, which are livened in between puffs by sips of water.

A touch-up was required during the second third to keep the burn line in check, however, it was more proactive than reactive and the burn has stayed true through the closing of the section. The body has increased to a definitive medium-full as well, and the ash is holding on in one-inch chunks and has a nice grayish-white color.

Final Third Impressions

Moving into the final third, baking spices, leather, and creaminess take the front spots with pepper not far behind and background flavors of leather, earth, roasted nuts, and slight hints of sweetness. I am also starting to detect some of the barnyard notes I picked up during the cold draws, however, it is far from being a dominant flavor.

Somewhat surprisingly, there is less of the zesty pepper on the retrohales, displaced by baking spices, leather, and creaminess. This was a bit of an unexpected, yet welcome transition showing a more diverse flavor profile that is keeping me engaged throughout the smoking experience.

The burn line experiences some waves, but nothing warrants a touch-up. As the smoke ends, pepper makes a final push to the forefront with the bittersweet chocolate for a strong finish. With under an inch left, the heat builds, and I lay the nub to its final resting place in my ashtray. Body finishes at a bold medium-full, just shy of full.

Pairing Options

The bold, zesty flavors of the JR Pure Origin Terra de Andes would make an excellent pairing with bourbon or Tennessee whiskey. Spiced rum would also make an excellent pairing, as the sweetness of the rum will accentuate the underlying sweetness of the Terra de Andes.

For a non-alcoholic option, I would go with an espresso or a cola, something with bold flavors to compete with the richness of Terra de Andes. However, one can never go wrong with a classic glass of cold water to amplify the flavors of the smoke without any interference.

Final Thoughts

Bold, rich, and zesty with touches of sweetness and creaminess, the JR Pure Origin Terra de Andes was an interesting smoke, to say the least. It has a litany of flavors like chocolate, pepper, baking spices, leather, earth, and roasted nuts that are constantly in flux and taking turns with the lead. It sums up an engaging smoking experience that is well-suited for the seasoned palate.

Terra de Andes is an exceptional follow-up to the Gran Vulcano, delivering a richer, bolder smoking experience that will entertain an experienced aficionado with some unique flavors only the earth of the Andes can provide. Ranging around $110 to $130 for a box of 10 there are high expectations, and Terra de Andes lives up to them.

I encourage every seasoned connoisseur to give these gems a try, you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible richness and engaging flavors. Make sure you order your box of 10 online today, available only here at JR Cigar!


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