Deadwood Tobacco Co by Drew Estate Girl With No Name Cigar Review

September 15, 2023

Deadwood Tobacco Co by Drew Estate Girl With No Name

The latest lady to turn up in Deadwood is the Girl With No Name, a new JR exclusive made by the fine folks at Drew Estate and Deadwood Tobacco Co. Joining her sisters Crazy Alice, Sweet Jane, and Fat Bottom Betty, Girl With No Name visually stands out from the other Yummy Vixens. On the run all over the Wild West, Girl With No Name came to town in disguise to hide from her relentless pursuers.

While the rest of the Deadwood ladies wear a dusky Maduro wrapper, the mysterious Girl With No Name masquerades in a supple Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. It conceals a top-secret blend of finely aged filler tobaccos infused with sweet and spicy aromatics.

I haven’t much experience with aromatic blends, but I’ve had pleasant experiences with another Drew Estate’s aromatic brand (ACID), so I have high hopes for this twist on the Deadwood Cigar Co. blend. Without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at this JR exclusive and see how the Deadwood Tobacco Co. by Drew Estate Girl With No Name performs!

Cigar Specs

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Shade

Binder: Unknown

Filler: Unknown

Cigar Strength: Mellow-Medium

Smoking Time: 65 minutes

Sizes Available:

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Cold draw impressions

As I look at the cigar, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the stylized band. It depicts a woman with blonde hair wearing sugar-skull makeup in the background, with ornate blue fillagree and the words “Girl With No Name” in the foreground. It catches my eye and adds intrigue for the smoking experience to come.

The wrapper is smooth as silk to the touch and has a bright golden-brown color. There are some visible veins here and there, but none are prominent or raised above the rest of the wrapper. It has a subtle, but interesting aroma, giving faint notes of vanilla, sweetness, barnyard, and leather. Aromas from the foot are also faint, but I can detect some damp earth, barnyard, and tobacco sweetness.

I trim the cap and go for some cold draws, and my lips are immediately greeted by an intense sweetness from the cap. After performing some cold draws, I pick up on notes of earth, caramel, leather, and tobacco sweetness. The draw is just slightly more open than I typically enjoy, but the cigar is packed well.

First third impressions

Upon toasting and lighting this cigar, I am immediately presented with notes of sweet vanilla and chocolate over a zesty spiciness that almost reminds me of a jalapeno pepper. These flavors are joined by secondary flavors of earth, leather, cedar, and baking spices with an interesting tea-like finish.

Retrohales deliver more of that sweet and spicy combination of flavors over a base of cedar and cream. I can also detect hints of coffee in the retrohales that aren’t present on the palate, adding to the overall complexity of the smoke. So far, the body is mellow-medium, and the flavors are pronounced on the palate yet meld together in a well-balanced fashion.

The burn is also flawless through the first third without any sign of a run, and the ash is holding on through the first inch until I knock it off to prevent a clump of ash landing in my lap. As with most of my experiences with cigars made by Drew Estate, the smoke production is top-notch, and each puff fills my mouth with flavorful smoke.

Second third impressions

Getting into the second third, the spiciness is showing a bit of an increase, especially in the retrohales, but it is still accompanied by that sugary sweetness. Under the spicy sweet top-notes are flavors of cedar, vanilla, chocolate, earth, and baking spices. The retrohales have more of the peppery spiciness than on the palate, resting above notes of sweetness, cedar, earth, and baking spices. I can also detect some chocolate.

The construction also continues to be flawless, boasting a razor-sharp burn line and the ash holding on in chunks that are at least an inch long. There is not much of a transition between the first and second thirds as far as flavor is concerned, except for an increase in pepper, but the flavor is unique, enjoyable, and pleasant.

Final third impressions

As the burn makes its way into the final third, the flavors of jalapeno pepper, sugary sweetness, vanilla, chocolate, cedar, earth, and baking spices remain consistent. The jalapeno pepper continues to vie for the lead flavor alongside the sweetness, now edging forward as the smoke progresses. The jalapeno pepper shines through on retrohales, providing a tingle over notes of sweetness, leather, and chocolate.

Throughout the entire smoke the construction has been absolutely flawless, with only slight waves developing in the otherwise even burn line. Smoke production also retains its consistency, as each puff always fills my mouth with a flavorful and spicy yet never overwhelming smoke.

With about an inch left to go, the nub starts to get hot in my hands and the smoke turns bitter, closing out the pleasant and unique smoking experience. The Deadwood Tobacco Co. by Drew Estate Girl With No Name was unlike anything else I have ever had before.

Pairing options

I mostly perform cigar reviews with a glass of water, but my mind immediately jumps to a spicy margarita for a pairing option with this stick. The spiciness and sweetness of the Deadwood Girl With No Name lines up with the spicy sweetness of the cocktail, and the citrus flavors of the cocktail will brighten the profile of the cigar.

I would also suggest a spiced rum or bourbon to accompany the sweetness of the Deadwood Girl With No Name. Any kind of tequila would also be a suitable pairing for the Deadwood Girl With No Name, as the peppery notes of the tequila will complement the overt spiciness of the cigar.

Final thoughts

There is nothing else quite like the Deadwood Tobacco Co. by Drew Estate Girl With No Name, and I enjoyed it immensely. Prior to this experience, I had not given much attention to flavor-infused cigars, but I am now second-guessing that. Infused cigars compose of a huge section of the market, and cigars like this show that they deserve attention.

The unique flavors and excellent construction all summed up to a smoking experience I would recommend to any aficionado. At around $8 per cigar, you just cannot go wrong. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the Deadwood Tobacco Co. by Drew Estate Girl With No Name, because you can only find it right here at JR Cigar.


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