4.764705882352941 17
Fat Bottom Betty I’ve been smoking brew estate lately and I must say this is a good tasting cigar. It burned evenly and had really good draw. a coffee with sweetness but not over powering. Very smooth smoke. You won’t be disappointed. 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty Betty with the Fat Bottom will certainly catch you off guard if you aren't aware of what to expect. She starts off really sweet like a dessert. The flavor is rich and the longer you smoke the bolder it gets. Moving more from a dessert to a smooth mild to medium smoke. The last 1/3rd will certainly bring you home if you're a maduro smoker. Well constructed and really pleasing to the noses of everyone in the vicinity. 4 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty These stogies are lightly sweet, not as much as the Kuba Kuba, but still gives you that mouth watering effect. Super good and I find myself biting the nub wishing the flavor wouldn’t end. The fat bottom is worth it! 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty Great smoke my favorite 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty The first aroma I got was chocolate Followed by dried fruit and a little pepper on the back of the throat. This is a very smooth and creamy cigar with an outstanding draw. The tip is a little sweet for those with a sweet tooth it’s not overly sweet it complements the chocolate beautifully. I highly recommend the stick for those looking to switch things up a little bit. 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty This masterpiece of a cigar is by far my favorite smoke. The complexity of aromas and flavors is amazing. The draw is always perfect. I would recommend this stick to everyone from a novice to a seasoned vet. 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty These are the largest of the 3 original deadwood offerings, this one is a little less sweet and has more of a classic cigar flavor than the other 2 offerings, yet still delivers great flavor, great construction and a cool firm draw I enjoyed. Been though a box of these as well as alice and jane, these are my evening smokes, the alice is a good am smoke, the jane is a nice afternoon smoke, betty is a lil bigger for a nice longer relaxing and fuller evening smoke when I have some time. Not as sweet as the others but still sweet, fading as you go giving way to spice, cedar, earthiness and a few others after 1/3 or so, but doesnt lose the flavor notes, instead they seem to blend into spice and classic maduro cigar flavors. Cool smoke, even burning they arent my top of the 3 but you wont catch me without a few betty's in the humidor. This one might age really well given its closer to a traditional cigar than its sisters. Definitely worth a try if you havent already. 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty Smoooooth.... 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty I loved this cigar 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty My fave. 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty Decent smoke but the wrapper is over the top sweet. It fades in time but not what I was hoping for. If u want a nice bold smoke this is not the stick for you. 2 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty Bold yet sweet flavor; nice aromas all throughout the stick, one of my favorites so far!! 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty This is my new top favorite of all time from the drew estate camp . I love these ladies! 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty Very nice smoke 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty This is one one of my favorite smokes. Great taste. Great srv 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty This is my go to. It is everything I want in a cigar. Good burn, good draw, and good flavor. Starts a little sweet, but not like a flavored cigar sweet, dropping little hints through the whole smoke. Make sure you have a good hour to kill before lighting. There's a reason they sell out all the time. 5 5 1
Fat Bottom Betty Love these great taste. 5 5 1

Deadwood Tobacco Co.

Fat Bottom Betty 5 × 54 DWFBB

Deadwood Tobacco Co. Fat Bottom Betty Cigars are a collaboration between Deadwood’s brand owner Vaughn Boyd and the world-famous Drew Estate Company. These classic ( 5 x 54) Toro’s are expertly handcrafted at the famed Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua using a very dark and oily maduro wrapper, paired with aromatic and exotic tobaccos that bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars. Medium-to-full-bodied, and laced with captivating notes of anise, pepper, earth, dried fruit, and some floral tones on the backend, Fat Bottom Betty has a distinctly delicious flavor profile that simply screams Drew Estate! Order an affordable box of 10 from JR Cigar today and enjoy yet another magnificent Drew Estate blend that stands out from the crowd.





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