JR Pure Origin Gran Vulcano is the inaugural series of premium cigars that utilizes the worlds finest and rarest tobaccos, all grown using environmentally friendly methods of cultivation. For this first release, we transport you to the famed Island of Ometepe. An island formed by two volcanoes rising out of Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe’s nutrient rich volcanic soil gives the tobacco a naturally sweet taste and fabulous aroma. To create JR Pure Origin Gran Vulcano, we turned to none other than the famed Plasencia family in Nicaragua. It’s here where the highly skilled artisans at the Plasencia factory used these Ometepe tobacco for the binder and long filler blend and combined them with additional filler leaves from the fertile Jalapa Valley. Then, after further aging in fragrant cedar bins, the cigars are covered by a beautiful Habano wrapper also grown in the Jalapa Valley. A Nicaraguan puro of the finest pedigree, Gran Vulcano is medium bodied, slow burning, and highly complex, with each puff offering delectable tasting notes of earth, sweet spice, leather, and hints of chocolate. A long-lasting creamy finish adds an extra layer of scrumptious flavor to the overall experience. In keeping with the brand's environmentally friendly theme, all three vitolas in the series are packaged in entirely biodegradable and recyclable boxes of 10. Buy JR Pure Origin Gran Vulcano cigars online today, and enjoy a pure Nicaraguan tobacco experience that’s nothing short of magnificent.
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