JR Pure Origin is a unique new series of premium cigars made exclusively for yours truly, that utilize the worlds finest and rarest tobaccos from around the world. The concept behind Pure Origin was to procure high quality tobaccos from the famed Connecticut River Valley in the USA, the volcanic island of Ometepe in Nicaragua, and the central African nation of Cameroon. All of the tobaccos used for each blend where cultivated using environmentally safe methods of cultivation, right down to the entirely biodegradable and recyclable packaging. This process separates JR Pure Origin from any other premium cigar on the market today. By offering several lines of JR Pure Origin Cigars that are exceptionally satisfying as well as being environmentally safe, your enjoyment is two-fold, as you are helping to save the planet while enjoying some superb smokes. Discover the pure natural state of premium tobacco as it was intended to be, with JR Pure Origin Cigars.
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