3.9130434782608696 23
Wood Tip Original I had once and will only smoke anotger one if it's free 1 5 1
Wood Tip Original Personally I prefer these to the plastic tip black and milds. I think the wood adds to the flavor of the pipe tobacco. Imparts a slightly different flavor to the smoke 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Quite good. Quick smoke flavorful burns well and evenly draw very good and tastes good 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original What a super cheap cigar that is mild? This is for you. Want a good cigar that is mild? This is not for you. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Love these wood tips.. Nice sweetness on the lips plus the classic black and mild taste.. Great for a quick smoke.. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Had this cigar as a starred cigar. Not a bad cigar to begin with. Easy taste and smooth draw. Would probably recommend to a new cigar smoker. 2 5 1
Wood Tip Original don't like cigars with tips. the construction was fine. not much in real flavor. always consistent in you know what you're getting. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original These are my go-to stogies. Love the wood tips. Great flavor and mellow aroma. Nice and even burn too. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original These are ok, but I typically have to discard 1/4 of the box due to them being rolled too tight so they don't have a smooth flow, or a harsh taste (maybe old tobacco). But they are cheaper to purchase online than in the store so it almost balances out as far as cost. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original I enjoy a good cigar, typically with a burbon or coffee, but when I dont have the time to smoke for a few hours, Woodtip black and mild cigars fit perfectly.. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original always my go to cigars, best way to relax the mind and body. wood tips are definitely better than the plastic tips, if you wanna have a good smoke than it’s worth spending the extra few dollars on them in the long run. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Wood tip original stogie are even better than the original because I can chew the tip up 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original I love the wood tip blacks. The wood adds a little sweetness and doesn't crack or crush if you clench it 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original I would prefer the wood tip over the plastic all day. Although the flavor of the cigar is ok the and 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original The wood tip adds a rustic experience to a classic cheapie. The wood is soft and makes for a more comfortable hold in your teeth. Definitely worth a shot 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original This is absolutely the only machine made cigar I would ever give a 4 rating too. The rest are 3 more likely 2. Black and Mild original are actually not bad. It's a pipe tobacco cigar after all. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original Nice with the wood tip. A low priced short smoke with mild pipe tobacco. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original This Was Probably The Second Cigar I Ever Tried. Of Course It Is Not A Premium Stick But It Is Not Bad For A Gas Station Quick Pick. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original Been up to 20 years of smoking these buds, haven't gotten sick from them, same great flavor & aroma (scene setting), also... These wooden tips now days are even more quality. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original A great little stick... It last longer than you would think... Very mild, and not harsh at all... Everyone that passes me by, says that smells really good... Keep them coming.... 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Like the shorts, where are they ? 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original Happy with the purchase 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Enjoy the sweet of the wood tip and the stronger draw you get from the wood tip rather than the plastic. 4 5 1

Black & Mild Cigars

Wood Tip Original 5 × 29 MIWT25

Featuring a famous name in little pipe tobacco cigars, the Black & Mild Wood Tip Original has a slim 5 x 29 size that is perfect for the shorter cigar break. Mellow bodied in strength, these Original cigars feature Black Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos, making it a favorite of pipe and cigar smokers alike. Every puff delivers rich aromatic flavors, and a bakery sweet aroma. Sold in boxes of 25.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Pipe Tobacco

United States



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