3.9466666666666668 75
Original it's great when it's in stock 4 5 1
Original These are my goto cigars when I’m in need of a quick cigar fix! Convienient great flavor. You won’t be disappointed. 5 5 1
Original Black &Mild always good choice 4 5 1
Original The kids will get them tomorrow morning Bro morning I love ❤️ I gotta morning was fun I just woke you from your morning I just woke off a few days iin is your weekend I iwas I have had my first day off and it’s just going back 1 5 1
Original Good full flavored pipe tobacco smoke. Still as the name says it is also mild. The aroma and flavor is good. Nice short smoke when a handmade isn’t doable 3 5 1
Original Black and mild original brings me back. Although it is not my favorite budget cigar. I would rather smoke the Garcia y vega 3 5 1
Original Nice draw and stays together. Not a very good tobacco flavor. Stayed cool throughout the smoke. Good cheap for mowing or fishing. 3 5 1
Original Great taste and very smoothe! Enjoy 3 5 1
Original You can always tell when someone is smoking a black and mild. They smell great burn well and taste all right. I prefer backwoods nowadays when I want a cheap smoke. 3 5 1
Original The original bad boy. This thing deserves recognition even if it's not the greatest tasting pipe tobacco rolled cigar. 3 5 1
Original I actually picked up a single today since I haven't smoked one in such a long time. Certainly nothing like what I have been used to smoking lately but consistent. Perfect draw and construction and cheap. Perfect for when in a pinch 4 5 1
Original Black and mild originals are great. You can find them pretty much everywhere. Tastes great good draw and construction. 4 5 1
Original I love these things. Great smoke that's cheap and you always enjoyable.. I like them for when I sunny have time to sit and enjoy a proper cigar. 3 5 1
Original Steady eddy kinda deal. Still don't consider it to be cigar it's a novelty but j smoked these when I was a teenager and liked them for about the first half then I lose interest 3 5 1
Original One of my first cigars. I remember smelling these and loving how they smelled. They are still tasty to this day. Cheap too 4 5 1
Original Nice mild flavored cigar with a tip. Enjoy them very much. Too bad they are pretty pricey per cigar. 4 5 1
Original This is a nice product. Great discount from jr. Will purchase again in the future. 4 5 1
Original It Has Been A While Since I Tried These If Memory Serves. These Were By No Means Overly Strong. The Flavor Was Not Bad. 4 5 1
Original Fresh and sweet smelling 4 5 1
Original Was sent the Wrong product the return policy isnt useful. 1 5 1
Original Ordered May 15th still not received no follow from JR after many attempts to contact via phone an email Can’t rate product fairly but company is in the negative 1 5 1
Original Been smoking black and mild for years. I keep ordering and never got a discount from J R. Don’t you give discounts once in awhile? 5 5 1
Original Usually when I order something it get to me within a week. Now it’s takes longer than a week for me to get my order 1 5 1
Original Original 5 5 1
Original you dont answer my pleas to contact me its always aauto feed back im waiting 4 5 1
Original A perfect cigar 5 5 1
Original Wish they had 0 starz!! Brought 2 of these for xmas gift said to be delivered before xmas....long story I never got the package says it was delivered to front porch called over and over for 3 weeks to see what happen to my package only to tell me usps delivered to the mailbox that's broke and since it says delivered there's nothing else they can do no replacement no refund nothing......THIS COMPNAY IS A SCAM!!! Wish I could it 0 stars! 1 5 1
Original I look Ike the taste of the pipe tobacco without having to carry a pipe. 5 5 1
Original super fast shipping........I will order again 5 5 1
Original The black and mild shorts were so fresh I lived them 4 5 1
Original They were so Fresh.. My first purchase and it was a success. I will continue to purchase from JR.. 5 5 1
Original iv been a an o this cigar for many years. the only cigar i smoke since it is extra smooth. it is not a harsh smoking cigar. only cigar i currently smoke on a daily bases. 5 5 1
Original First one I ever tried....Really enjoyed. Smoked on the road in between a couple of cigars. Tasted & smelled great burnt well with a solid draw... 4 5 1
Original You can always tell when someone is smoking a black and mild. They smell great burn well and taste all right. I prefer backwoods nowadays when I want a cheap smoke. 3 5 1
Original great construction draw and burn. I did not really care for the flavor of this cigar. 4 5 1
Original Nice flavor nice aroma. Not for me though. A classic smoke. Give it a try. 4 5 1
Original Black and mild cigars are good if you want a quick smoke and you want a cigar. Not the best pretty simple Sam flavor all the way through. 3 5 1
Original A very nice flavorful smoke with a great unmistakable aroma the one at grandpa's house you remember try them 3 5 1
Original Always satisfying and perfectly sized. 5 5 1
Original Wife smokes them and enjoys the flavor 5 5 1
Original Mild and nice smoke 4 5 1
Original Products are always fresh and usually delivered on time. This time they dilvered to the wrong house though, that was my only disappointment. 5 5 1
Original I ordered this item since dec 8 my husband never got it I’m outrage ordered it well before the Christmas holiday it’s insane never again!!🤬🤬 1 5 1
Original Good 5 5 1
Original I have YET to receive my order!!! 1 5 1
Original Convenient way to buy at discounted price 5 5 1
Original Thanks 5 5 1
Original The tastes is mild ,like the wooden tip 5 5 1
Original Very happy with purchase. Thank you. 5 5 1
Original Bought as a gift and became a returning customer several times over. Smooth taste and flavor. Thank you! 5 5 1
Original The best…. JR is the best place to order. 5 5 1
Original good smoke 4 5 1
Original I quit cigarettes in 99 but I missed smoking. B and m was my go to. People often say they smell good. I can't smoke anything else. It's just not the same. I dont have a smoker's cough anymore now. 3 5 1
Original Great value for the money 5 5 1
Original Its pretty good for what it is! 4 5 1
Original Beginner cigar smoker here…. There not bad, I actually like them for a cheap daily cigar, the plastic tip is nice too.. Can’t go wrong for the price… 4 5 1
Original They taste like paper, but better than cigarettes. The draw is almost always good, but occasionally I get a plug. 4 5 1
Original Good cigars. 5 5 1
Original Very good cigars. Good prompt delivery 5 5 1
Original Great 5 5 1
Original I have smoked blackand mild for years. The draw is smooth and smells good 5 5 1
Original Efficient order process, highest quality product, excellent packaging, fast shipment, easy reorder. With JR I’m not just a customer, I’m a client and I appreciate them for that. 5 5 1
Original Consistent quality that I appreciate 5 5 1
Original Smells awesome 4 5 1
Original This are the original piped tipped tobacco. and are for fastball, a lot better than little and wilds... but the price is everything in this freaking life. 4 5 1
Original The black & mild original has a different taste, and I don't like it at all. It may be time for me to stop smoking. Please change the flavor back. 2 5 1
Original Stale 4 5 1
Original Fast and easy as aways. 5 5 1
Original Prices for my favorite Black & Mild are the best around. 5 5 1
Original Haven't received latest order but love the fact that i get a discount 5 5 1
Original Ditto 4 5 1
Original Goor 4 5 1
Original Flavor great 5 5 1
Original Love the Black & Mild Classics with plastic filters. 5 5 1
Original I love opening a new box and the apple like smell makes me happy. 5 5 1

Black & Mild Cigars

Original 5 × 30 MIBM

The famous Black &Mild Cigars Original is a top choice for those who love the aroma and taste of pipe tobacco in the easy to handle shape of a cigarillo. Manufactured right here in the USA, these smooth and mellow smokes offer all-around enjoyment to the fragrant-cigar fan or pipe enthusiast on the go. Value-priced, and available in 10 convenient 5-packs, these, plastic-tipped stogies are always an easy and economical option when shopping online for a quick and tasty cigar.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Pipe Tobacco

United States



10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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