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Select This is nice mild light version from black and mild brand. Still good pipe tobacco flavor and aroma just a lighter less full smoke. 3 5 1
Select Very tasty little guy. All around good smoke in between your cigars or for a quick fix. Burnt well tasted great with a good draw. Enjoyed 4 5 1
Select It always fresh with its mild taste and a flavor to crave. The way it self extinguish you never have to worry about wasting any. 4 5 1
Select I guess they must make and sell so many of these that the quality control takes a back seat. When you get a pack that is done right they are a good smoke. Sometimes though the tip and wrapper don't meet up as they should. It's a shame they can't make them all with consistency. 3 5 1
Select I’m here to go get back with you and guys do it for a you guys can call me tomorrow and morning I’ll let call you in the afternoon Dojo is the day I get off the phone with and I have to work tomorrow night morning Dojo was a way of 1 5 1
Select I purchased because normally when buying them some stores don’t have them or they are old and hard which means not fresh. I’m very satisfied to say ordering from Jr Cigars the box had nothing but fresh cigars and I will continue to order from only this company!!! 5 5 1
Select The black and mild select cigars are decent budget cigars for the money. Although I would rather smoke the cherry or jazz flavor 3 5 1
Select This is mild but I don't see what the paper color has to do with it. My guess is it is used for marketing. Either way if you want a black n mild but not the heaviness it has on the palate try this one. 3 5 1
Select Same black and mild reliability with a smooth and sweet flavor just a lighter blend. Great thing is that these can be picked up at almost any gas station. 4 5 1
Select To be honest for myself these are just plain and to mild for my taste almost like your just breathing good construction little flavor 3 5 1
Select Great product for the occasional cigar smoker 5 5 1
Select my husband likes them so that's why i keep ordering them. 5 5 1
Select I ordered select thinking it was the mild. 3 5 1

Black & Mild Cigars

Select 5 × 30 MIBMMU

Black & Mild Cigars Select offer all the joy of smoking a pipe without the cumbersome hardware. Sold in affordable boxes of 25, these slim 5 x 30 cigars are made right here in the USA with the best Virginia, and Kentucky tobaccos. Perfect for the shorter cigar break, Select cigars offer rich, creamy, highly aromatic flavors, all delivered in a smooth mellow bodied fashion.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Pipe Tobacco

United States



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