4.0 21
Cream Great smooth deep flavor. 4 5 1
Cream I guess I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it the smell is great the taste is good the draw was ok . Overall it is an ok cigar 3 5 1
Cream For the money this is a very nice machine made. Better that it is so inexpensive. 5 5 1
Cream They are ok! I mean i will smoke them if my main choice aren't alvaible.. Just dont get much of a cream taste from them.. Maybe the box i got was dry and old 3 5 1
Cream These are the best. They are always fresh. I started with Black & Mild but after pregnancy hated the smell. Tried the cream & been in love ever since. 4 5 1
Cream These black and mild creams are well just that the are mild and creamy with and excellent draw consistently good from pack to pack 4 5 1
Cream They are smooth not harsh. Pleasant aroma. Always fresh. I only buy them jr cigars the convenience stores are always stale. My favorite black & mild. 5 5 1
Cream Again I’ll reserve how weirded out I am about reviewing a Black and Mild on a legit cigar website and say that this definitely isn’t the worst gas station cigar one could purchase. 2 5 1
Cream Your price on the Cream Black and Mild seems off. You can buy them at the local store for 4 dollars a pack. 3 5 1
Cream He black and mild cream cigars are not bad for a budget cigar I enjoy the cherry ines better though 3 5 1
Cream Quick fix stick...loved it. Definitely creamy and smelled great. Burnt great and evenly. Tasted yummy. Very decent quick smoke. 4 5 1
Cream These are super fresh compared to the Cream B&M's you would buy at a gas station or smoke shop. But I don't notice much Cream flavor and will stick to the regular B&M or the wine flavor. 4 5 1
Cream Tasty the creme is where its at especially if you have jewish friends! 4 5 1
Cream Creamy and milder than the original B&M. It's okay to smoke once every blue moon but I couldn't smoke them often. 3 5 1
Cream These are my favorite in the black N mild bunch. These really do have a sweet and creamy texture and make an excellent dessert smoke 4 5 1
Cream I like black and milds occasionally. The draw is good as well as the construction. Not a bad 10-20min cigar. 4 5 1
Cream My favorite cigar. Great all around 5 5 1
Cream A nice flavorful smoke. My wife loves these and smokes a couple per day. 5 5 1
Cream Best B&M flavor very smooth and mellow. Can't really complain for the price! 5 5 1
Cream Awesome product. Tase great with a even smoother draw. Best cigar black n mild makes hands down.. love em🥰🔥🔥 5 5 1
Cream Y 5 5 1

Black & Mild Cigars

Cream 5 × 30 MIBMC

Black & Mild Cream machine-made cigars are manufactured with the same Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos that are used on the brands enormously popular pipe tobacco blends. Featured in a slim 5 x 30 size, ,perfect for the shorter cigar break, Cream cigars provide a mellow-bodied strength profile and a value price. Black & Mild Cream machine made cigars are always an easy and economical option when shopping online for flavored machine-made cigars in convenient take-along 5-packs.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Pipe Tobacco

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