4.0606060606060606 33
Wood Tip Original I had once and will only smoke anotger one if it's free 1 5 1
Wood Tip Original Wood tip original stogie are even better than the original because I can chew the tip up 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original Personally I prefer these to the plastic tip black and milds. I think the wood adds to the flavor of the pipe tobacco. Imparts a slightly different flavor to the smoke 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Quite good. Quick smoke flavorful burns well and evenly draw very good and tastes good 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original The wood tip adds a rustic experience to a classic cheapie. The wood is soft and makes for a more comfortable hold in your teeth. Definitely worth a shot 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original What a super cheap cigar that is mild? This is for you. Want a good cigar that is mild? This is not for you. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Love these wood tips.. Nice sweetness on the lips plus the classic black and mild taste.. Great for a quick smoke.. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Had this cigar as a starred cigar. Not a bad cigar to begin with. Easy taste and smooth draw. Would probably recommend to a new cigar smoker. 2 5 1
Wood Tip Original don't like cigars with tips. the construction was fine. not much in real flavor. always consistent in you know what you're getting. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original This is absolutely the only machine made cigar I would ever give a 4 rating too. The rest are 3 more likely 2. Black and Mild original are actually not bad. It's a pipe tobacco cigar after all. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original This Was Probably The Second Cigar I Ever Tried. Of Course It Is Not A Premium Stick But It Is Not Bad For A Gas Station Quick Pick. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original I ordered different ones but this brand is the best !!!! 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original The ordering convience is a great experience. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Compared to the Black & Mild Wood-Tip bought elsewhere, JR Cigars' product seem to be harder to unwrap. Also, on some the wood-tip seem to be clogged. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original I love the wood tip blacks. The wood adds a little sweetness and doesn't crack or crush if you clench it 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original I would prefer the wood tip over the plastic all day. Although the flavor of the cigar is ok the and 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Nice with the wood tip. A low priced short smoke with mild pipe tobacco. 3 5 1
Wood Tip Original Great flavor, easy to smoke. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original That good 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Received product quickly 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original great 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Smooth smoking cigar however about 5 percent of the time I will open one and not get a draw as the end inserted in the wood tip is wrapped to tight for a draw 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original A nice mild cigar... the wood tip is much better than the plastic 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original No comment 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original Remember that sweet tobacco smell from your grandfather’s blackened pipe? This isn’t it but will take one back to sitting on the knee of a pair of navy blue dickies pants; taking in that sweet-sweet grandpa odor. These are as smooth as a fresh shave with a Bic disposable and a splash of Skin Bracer with the familiarity of that old and yellowed v-neck undershirt soaked with Old Spice. The wooden tip has just enough of a tongue depressor flavor to let you know it’s the real thing, with a sweetened coating to make your lips smack as if waiting for a Werther’s Original out of your grandpa’s shirt pocket. The room note is fantastic like that vanilla hickory nut fudge grandpa made at Christmastime with the flavor not far behind, and nicotine as soft as your grandpa’s bushy white arm hair. This one will bring you back to the times one imagines on the cover of a Saturday Evening Post. When men were men and boys were young men who sat on their knee while absorbing that sweet and familiar scent, filing it into the annals of one’s mind. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original I have been purchasing these for years through JR and the product is great and ordering is super easy. 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Draw isn’t great, but ok. Flavor is bitter. Smell is wonderful. Burns with constant lightings. Love the wood tips. 4 5 1
Wood Tip Original Mostly, I wish for consistency. Typically in a pack: one is great, some are too tightly wrapped and need to loosen up, while some others are too loose and burns up too quickly. I think if two in a pack were great, I may at least see an okay rating. 2 5 1
Wood Tip Original Good buy 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original love the aroma 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Great product .always arrives earlier than expected 5 5 1
Wood Tip Original Always fast….only place I order from! 5 5 1

Black & Mild Cigars

Wood Tip Original 5 × 29 MIBMWT

Black & Mild Wood Tip Original machine-made cigars are up for grabs in 10 travel-friendly packs of five (50 cigars total) that offer everything—including the fresh zest of a genuine wood tip—for the pipe enthusiast or fragrant-cigar fan on the go. Providing a mellow-bodied strength profile and a value price, Black & Mild Wood Tip pipe-tobacco smokes are always an easy and economical option when shopping online to buy aromatic machine-made cigars in convenient take-along 5-packs.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Pipe Tobacco

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10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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